With much fanfare, Arno del Curto was presented with the ZSC Lions. He should avert the impending disaster. But on Monday, the success of Davos coach failed: The ZSC missed a 2:3 against Servette in the Playoffs. In an Interview with a VIEW of the Lions Boss Peter Zahner even says: “The future of Del Curto is open.”

the other Zurich club, the Kloten EHC is not a glimmer of hope. After a defeat against SC Langenthal, the team missed the Playoffs in the Swiss League.

As if the football wasn’t enough, it looks like even in football, not rosy: The Grasshoppers, the tail light are in the Super League, and appear to be of the Deep find out. FC Zurich – currently in 5th place – not from just a storm of enthusiasm.

And away from the limelight, the football club GC Amicitia Zurich on the last place in the relegation round of the national League A.

What do you think?

everywhere you look: the Zurich tradition of the clubs are of a solid crisis shaken. Now we want to know from you: What sick teams? What are the causes of this crisis? Tell us your theories!

Or you tell us your guesses for the crisis in a comment and discuss with us and other readers about the Zurich Underground.