in The Netherlands ZLM Tour (2.Pro, this year, due to the corona virus do not ride. This confirms that the organisation of the competition on Wednesday. In the Netherlands, on Monday (23 march) the government announced that all sporting events up to and including June 1, will not be allowed to continue. The 33rd edition of the ZLM Tour would take place from the 27th to the 31st of may.

After the race at the beginning of January have been moved to a week earlier in the international calendar of the UCI regulations, the race must not continue this year. “Staff were very helpful, even though we had all of the hard work of both volunteers and employees, partners, vendors, suppliers, and etappeplaatsen this issue will not be able to see it through. At this time, however, there are more important issues to deal with all relevant stakeholders, we will ensure the continuity of the annual multi-day race,” said Martin, the Chef, the general manager of the organizer, Libéma Profcycling.

at The ZLM Tour and will next year go back to the original date as close as possible to the start of the Tour de France. “The preferred date would be the 16 to 20 June, is the last weekend for the national championship. This is close to the best of our profiling as ” the preparation for the Tour de France, especially for men,” says The Chef. The Tour, in 2021, will launch in Denmark, where a similar landscape as in the Netherlands. That’s the promise of flat rides, it has to be a sprint to the finish. The ZLM Tour is fit, apart from the date, so it is perfect to prepare in 2021, this is it.

Last year, won it and Mike Teunissen in our own country, with the ZLM Tour. I had been with three of the victories record-holder.

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