anyone Who has ever stood on a bridge over the Mattervispa in Zermatt, VS, white, why people travel all over the world, just to get a view of the Matterhorn.

However, the Catch is becoming an increasing Problem, Zermatt is flooded by day-trippers. 1.29 million arrivals in the car-free mountain resort has counted the Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn in the first half of the year, four percent more than in the previous year, as the “hotel Revue” writes. And the train still wants to attract more tourists to Zermatt, stir vigorously the drum, especially in Asia.

It is closely popular on the Gornergrat

With the success of The icon of the Alps is especially for guests from Asia. The disadvantage: It is getting tight in the streets of Zermatt and to the best vantage points, such as, for example, the Gornergrat.

However, the tourists stand on the Gornergrat on the feet, not to benefit all: The visitor numbers climbing much faster than the number of overnight stays. The rises also, but not as rapidly as the Hoteliers like to have. The utilization of the Hotel is on average 40 percent. Since there is a lot of growth potential, especially as a bad usage can put pressure on prices.

“If so many tourists come to us, then the hospitality industry will benefit,” insists Corinne Julen, who sits on the Board of the Zermatt hotelier Association, in the “hotel Revue”.

recipes for the channeling of the onslaught

The word “over-tourism” makes Zermatt the round. “We have to be careful that we are not being overrun at once,” said Julen. 700 million Chinese plan to travel in the next five years abroad. The Chance that some of them come on the Matterhorn over, is great.

The mass influx of people from the far East, the Zermatt Hoteliers want to offer Paroli, consider how you more day-trippers to stay a little longer can tempt: “The most beautiful of the Matterhorn at sunrise and sunset”, says Hotelier Paul-Marc Julen. And in the back of my head that this event will be most comfortable with an Overnight stay to admire is.

Also Zermatt tourism has recognized the Problem, for some time, thinking about all of this, as the tourist flows better draw. Measures should be developed in order to extend the duration of stay of tourists at the foot of the Matterhorn, especially in the summer season. (koh)