Hannah They numseoperation did not go as planned, and she is now stranded in Turkey until Friday.

Hannah Melissa from the ‘young mom’ got on Friday made the now modern operation the BBL, which is an operation to take fat from the abdomen, thighs and hip and move his fat bum. The young mother got in addition removed almost six pounds of fat, which was not moved to the bum, but the operation did not go as expected, it tells Melissa to Realityportalen.

“I lost a part of blood during the operation, so I have been in the hospital until today, when I come over to a villa.”

According to Melissa, she has it under the circumstances good, and she feel comfortable and in good hands in Turkey, where the operation is conducted by clinic Comfort Zone, but she has not been without concern.

“I was insanely scared,” says Melissa, who did not give the clinic the blame.

“the Reason for the loss of blood flow is that I take a lot of medication. People have said, it is the clinic’s fault, but it is no way. They have helped me so well through it all.”

Melissa takes different medications for, among other strong pain, anxiety, depression and mood swings.

René comes in and fits her

If the operation had progressed normally, would Melissa be printed today, but due to the large loss of blood, she is first printed on Friday – a week after the operation. With to Turkey had Melissa her friend, but when she has gone home for personal reasons, comes her boyfriend René in the day down to her.

“He (René red.) was very concerned for me, and he would not, that I’m alone down here, so he took the first flight and arrive in the afternoon. The clinic has been so sweet, they brought my friend to the airport, and they bring René to me.”

Melissa and René have children Dexter, 2, Hailie, 3, Molly, 4, and Cecilya of 10 years, and the children cared for, while René is with Melissa in Turkey for the next four days.

“Cecilya is by her friend from class, while the three small ones in any family,” says Melissa.

the Article is published in cooperation with the Realityportalen.dk

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