For the friends of the PS-strong car, it could be 2020, the year of the bargain. According to data of market observers by Schwacke a disproportionately high number of diesel were approved in December 2019, with a minimum of 200 kW/272 HP of power new. There were in the comparable months of the previous years, well below the 10,000 cars, were reached last December, nearly 15,000 units. Display:

cars with a lot of HP to be cheaper

wait for A large proportion of these vehicles is likely to now as a young Used with significant discounts on the previous list price on the yards of the merchant to the buyer.

Background are the 2020 CO2 limits for car manufacturers; performance – and thus also the consumption of strong diesel emission worsen the balance sheet of the sold fleet significantly. Apparently, many manufacturers have favoured the admission of their respective vehicles after 2019 – the price that the sale is in the absence of new car status only with high discounts possible. A lot of gas, little electricity: a Plug-In Hybrid make sense? FOCUS Online Much fuel, little power: Is a Plug-In Hybrid make sense?

Hybrid and electric cars instead of gasoline

for the same reason is likely to be the interest of the manufacturer and dealer on the sale PS strong gasoline 2020 is manageable. Discounts will hardly tend to be a powerful sports car and SUV will be probably even more expensive. Strong demand for the Plug to tighten against it-In hybrids and electric cars, because these are promoted for tax purposes – and also for the calculation of CO2 emissions is preferred. Both are seen quite critical, because the high-horsepower Hybrid to achieve in reality rarely the promised fuel consumption. Motorists, beware: These new rules you can expect in 2020 PCP motorists, beware: These new rules you can expect in 2020