In a discipline is Xamax lonely tip: No other super League team has collected more Red cards than the new Burger. In the first championship game Taulant Seferi and Pietro Di Nardo from the space flew. In the fourth game against the FCZ Di Nardo took a direct Red.

And also in the Cup last weekend against lower-division Yverdon (Promotion League) were, in the end, only ten new Burger in the square: this Time, it caught Arbenit Xhemajli.

Coach Magnin takes the blame on himself

“We are of course proud of,” says Xamax coach Joël Magnin to the new Petersburg newspaper “Arc Info”. “It would be better that we should not talk about it.”

A little bit, the Coach takes the blame but on themselves: “We have made pre-season, aggressive act. But we have presented to us, of course, healthy aggressiveness. We have exceeded the limit. Now it’s up to us to get the tension better.”

had at Least a little influence on the results

After all the place references made little impact on the results: Against tuna, you had to play Us to the end, the result is also a point against the FCZ, as the new Burger with a man achieved in less the 2:2 in the last second. And to Tenth in the Cup against Yverdon won Xamax also.

the Problem of course is not references though: last season, Xamax brought more Red cards than all the other Super League clubs. At that time there were only three in the whole season!