For the TV Highlight of the stirred drum already and already Fans of the Show speculate wildly about who is hiding behind the already price given costumes.

this is also the Wuschel

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What we know about the MOP from “The Masked Singer” know

The fuzzy is probably the cutest and at the same time a confusing costume. Since then, the costume was given to price to speculate as to the Fans of the Show, what it’s supposed to be in the costume at all keep.

ProSieben says: “The floppy has left his life on the Taxi-mirror behind. For the costume is 60 meters were processed fur.”

  • I am only 1.50 metres tall.
  • My friends were not real friends. You have me sorted out easily.
  • I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere, but since I was not always the case.
  • My life was a wild roller-coaster ride.
  • Business instead of Party, Party instead of boredom.

The Fans have to say about the Wuschel

one of these Celebrities is Hidden behind the MOP of hair? The following theories have Fans of the Show:

  • actor Samuel Koch
  • singer, Mike Singer

The first tip of the Fans of the actor Samuel Koch was. Since the floppy is so small, some believe it could be including a wheelchair.

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