he Wanted the woman in the passenger seat to impress really? The police stopped on Sunday a German (34), the acceleration of his Seat Leon ST to 249 km/h, after deduction of the margin of safety 122 km/h faster than allowed! The man is in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft. The ticket is gone, the car is confiscated, it is a hefty bus or even a prison sentence is waiting.

However, with its 249 km/h, it belongs to the fastest ever flashed racers of Switzerland, but at the sad top of another: A 28-year-old Swiss stopper is in the Canton of Vaud with its 560-horsepower Bentley Continental with a whopping 324 km/h on the motorway A1.

Mercedes-Raser made the headlines

And as if that wasn’t enough insanity for one night, he filmed his journey with the phone! In 2014, the insurance broker was sentenced to a prison sentence of 36 months – and drug-related crimes. to be

With over 300 km/h, caught, managed to next to him, so far none. Close to that of the Mercedes-racer, the flying in August 2009, with 290 km/h on the highway A12 between Flamatt and Düdingen on the road. This came to cost him dearly: He received an unconditional fine of 27’000 Swiss francs.

70’000 Swiss francs buses

The two speeders in the unofficial rankings. Not so fast – but still dangerous – raced a Kosovars last November in Central Switzerland. To a whopping 252 km/h, the 26-Year-old accelerated a rented Bentley between Rotkreuz and Küssnacht am Rigi.

A Frenchman was caught in the Canton of Fribourg in 2009, with 250 km/h. His speed is not the highest – but the Fine he had to pay: 70’000 Swiss francs at a cost of his speeder travel.

it is Still unclear how high the penalty for a Munich-based business man (then 43) will be. In April 2014, he raced his Porsche with 237 km/h on the A1 in the direction of Bern. Later, it turns out that he was not only 110 km/h too fast, but also still without a driver’s license. (neo -)