On the 20. October is chosen. SVP-President Albert Rösti, is optimistic. “All we’re talking about the climate, about Switzerland. We do not profit more, that to speak about climate protection.” To say the SVP of eh, nothing to know, except for all the climate hysteria.

In the SVP-Central Committee hirnten how climate change is hushed. You decided for the character assassination. As a fabric softener, a beautiful red Apple serves. Finally, had already written to Tell with an Apple story.

The Apple with Swiss cross symbolizes the Switzerland. The political drama fits. Five maggots eaten the Apple. They are marked with the party colors. Red and green is the Left, blue to the FDP, orange is the CVP, which is the fifth EU-Made. With the Text on the poster: “To destroy the Left and the Nice Switzerland?” You do, as the maggots shown.

“Cute” for Blocher for thirty years, FDP and CVP, Because they conclude with the SP compromises that make you left-wing politics and no civil parties are more. Just Nice.

All parties that aspire to the EU, our most important trading partner, a reasonable ratio for the SVP strategists of the “Left and Nice”: they “destroy the system of direct democracy, because they want to be chaining our country to the EU”.

The ladies and gentlemen have an Orgy of Destruction in stock. And I quote: “Left and Nice people to destroy our freedom and independence, internal security, our Social institutions, our infrastructure, and natural, small and medium enterprises and trades.”

The Swiss Confederation, is a solidarity-constructed state. In the case of elections not enemies against each other, but the democratic parties to fight. But for Islamic preachers of hate are different at the end of unbelievers – for the SVP-peak “Left and Nice”.

half The world admires Switzerland for its political and social stability, for the work of peace and for the high quality of life. The SVP-Upper to do, as if their political opponents would destroy Switzerland and we were facing the abyss.

As seasoned men and women of Switzerland and its democracy can do that to such Patriotic nonsense?