The world's only monument to battlefield mailman is installed in Voronezh

the Monument was unveiled in may 2015. And it was not the day to near him lay the fresh flowers.

a prototype of the bronze soldier – postman corporal Ivan Leontiev.

My attention was drawn to the photo of the guy-postman with a bright, courageous person, – has told “the Motherland” one of the authors of the album Vadim Nosov. – On the back of the photo was written: “Leont’ev Voronezh front, 1942”.

search the archive of the Ministry of defense helped to establish: PFC Ivan I. Leont’ev, born 1904, a native of the Kurgan region, a member of the CPSU(b), was called to the front in 1942. Served as the postman of the 125th infantry regiment of the 6th infantry division of the southwestern front. In may 1943 was awarded the medal “For military merit”.

the Prototype of the bronze soldier – postman corporal Ivan Leontev.

“During the fighting, risking his life, delivered correspondence to the forefront, – stated in the petition. – During the battle for station balakliia was fired upon by German machine gunners, in spite of this, brought to the front line fighters and commanders in the mail. For the shown courage and courage comrade Leontiev is worthy of awards”.


the Postman, of course, and he wrote home. Latest news from son Lusha M. Leontiev received in January 1944, when the division beat the Germans near Nikopol. Until his death in 1958, believed that will be found missing Ivan.

Front-line soldier’s letter to read to his grandchildren 70 years later

the Idea of putting in Voronezh the monument to Ivan Leontiev – and all frontline postmen – owned Russian Post, the Russian military-historical society and the Department of defense. Bronze soldier with mail shoulder bag made in the Studio of military artists named after M. B. Grekov. At the opening of the memorial to the honorary guest was Olga Budanov in the war, the senior Lieutenant inISC communications, Deputy chief of the military field sorting center. Everyone who participated in the ceremony, remembered her words:

– We worked for 18 hours to provide the front contact. By letter to write it once. And be delayed was another minute – delay correspondence was equal to the crime. Trucks with the word “Mail” was always ahead of the columns, they were everywhere, “green light”.

Award list of Ivan Leontiev.

in Preparing this publication for “Document of Victory”, we called the mound, in the homeland of Ivan Leontiev. Surprisingly, of the monument to countrymen in Voronezh there only found out after a call from the office.

– thanks to the “Home” for this information, – said the head of the city Andrey Potapov. – We will try to find relatives of Ivan Leontiev – it is known that he had a sister Anna. She died in 2006, but remained her home, possibly the living descendants. We consider how to perpetuate the memory of Ivan Isaakovich in his homeland. And be sure to go to Voronezh to worship the monument.

For the 65th anniversary of the victory of Russian postal was preparing an album dedicated to the work of communicators in the war. Viewed from the front pictures archive of cinema.

Soviet soldiers apart mail. The 2nd Belorussian front. In may 1944. Photo: RIA Novolikars “military Instructions to the mailman (for military time)”

on 7 August 1944

For service personnel mail link command of each military unit (to separate company inclusive), agencies from the red Army appoints military postman from among the most competent persons to non-commissioned officers and, in extreme cases, from among the most competent and efficient soldiers[…]

Military postman must:

a), regardless of the circumstances of the combat situation, to exchange mail from the military postal station in the usset out terms;

b) to deliver directly to recipients or via military postmen units received from the military post station mail and periodicals on the same day […]

12. Unissued on mail command of the military unit gives the certificate about the reason of not delivery them. For example: “the Addressee in parts is not”, “the Addressee has left” […] If the target is killed or missing, then the mail is marked “cannot be Delivered”. The words “killed” or “missing” on unissued units specify prohibited[…]

20. […] In the case of injured military postman is obliged to take all best efforts to preservation and trusted him any further correspondence on the appointment or the transfer of it to the nearest military post станцию1.

1. Mail Victory 1941-1945. M. 2014. S. 35-43.

Bryansk front. 1943. Photo: TASS