“This Barcelona is now nothing. She is President Josep Maria Bartomeu, who destroyed her legacy. Aging staff who more wants to retain power than to open the bathroom in the locker room. And coach Quique Setien who has gone from apprentice Cruyff (legendary Dutch football player and coach, including Barca – Ed.) to the gymnast on the trapeze in the circus of horrors,” is a sentence of the Catalan team makes the leading Spanish newspaper El Mundo. Bayern – real car-skating rink, she has won 26 of its last 27 games and might have condemned the current Barcelona, which is in need of deep updating and she doesn’t have time for this, because the September (beginning of the championship of Spain on football – Ed.) not far off,” says main Spanish sports newspaper Marca.

“the Final that everyone wanted”, so the Portuguese press presented the preview of the quarterfinal meeting between Barcelona and Bayern Munich, giants of European football, which was to find out the relationship in a single match without the possibility of revenge. It’s a pity that it was only the quarterfinals, noted journalists, calling the match the “early final”. Bayern, which last year ranked sixth in the course of the national championship, played games in 2020, in the end, destroying all rivals, won the title in the Bundesliga, which ended June 27, and showed her the victory 4:1 over Chelsea in the previous stage of the Champions League was not an isolated incident.

the impression that the team of the flick has become even more than a few months before the pandemic, and now it’s a real war machine, says Ansa. Before the game the coach of the Spanish Enrique Setien, speaking about his opponents, said that “Lewandowski is a great player, but he can’t reach Leo”. A long time leader of the German team Thomas Muller before the game said that “Messi can’t stop one person, it can be locked with the help of a team game and we can do it”.

Now the commentators, after the defeat, talking about the decline of the “Golden era” of Barcelona, predicting that now the club will leave not the Messi who allegedly weary of the game at Barca and its coach, in Lisbon, the stadium resembled a man who had just lost a close relative. Until the game Setien recognized the strength of the opposition, explaining that “Bavaria is a potentially outstanding team,” but immediately added: “We, therefore, expect a balanced match in which we will have a lot to say”. As it turned out, to oppose German car that Barca have had neither the desire nor the strength nor the means and the team was in a state of complete prostration. “It is good that Neymar slipped from Barca and never returned to it” – caustically remarked a commentator of the British the Guardian.

“Barcelona” is the lastNY times conceded more than seven goals per game in 1949. For the first time in the history of its participation in the main European club tournament has received the first four goals for the half, an own goal and eight “holes” for the entire game. “Barcelona was beyond pity. Bayern could have scored 15 goals: today they had 26 shots on goal compared to eight from Barcelona. Bayern even scored one of them for “Leopard,” concludes the Guardian.

Guillem Balage, Spanish football journalist for BBC Radio 5 Live:

Is the result of years of decline. No one at Barca wasn’t smart enough to understand what is happening. Ashamed. Barcelona changed football. Now that legacy has been thrown in the trash. Barcelona are a club where everything is decided by the players.

Thomas müller, the recognized UEFA best player of the match:

– It (the score) is difficult to explain. Now our team is in great shape. Thanks for the trophy of best player of the match, but I think we have 12 or 15 players who deserve it. We worked hard, we worked very hard, we are hard to beat. We had so much fun today. They have special players, we should be more aggressive and win again and again. We are well. This is a serious statement to win the Champions League but the next game, the semifinals will begin with the account 0: 0. We need to win the next game! We should be relaxed and very happy, but when we Wake up tomorrow, we need to focus. We’re not here to win a quarter, we’re here to win the semi-finals and then the finals.

Gerard Pique, defender for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team:

a Terrible game, awful feeling … shameful. The club needs a change and I’m not talking about the coach and players. Structurally, we need change all lines. It happens (Barcelona) not for the first time, not second and not even third.

Chris Sutton, the best player of the championship of Scotland football 2004, a commentator of the air force:

– If tomorrow kike of Setian will remain coach of “Barcelona”, I’ll eat my hat. Barcelona surrendered, and this is totally unacceptable. Scary to watch the surrender. Where is the leadership on the field? Their experienced players were humiliated this evening. It seems that these so-called professional players there is no desire. They don’t want to run around and fight.