this week, the Service of the state protection of objects of cultural heritage YANAO issued another order banning traffic on the site, which runs over merzlotnykh, so on the Yamal Peninsula are called subterranean refrigerator. Informed “RG” reported that the object of cultural heritage has a large-scale reconstruction. Experts have spent a huge amount of work to identify pain points, where in some places the refrigerator may threaten the thawing of permafrost, and what must be done to save the unique object in the first place. So, almost destroyed one of the inputs, some places need to strengthen the walls and the vault, etc in the fridge were not done in the history of underground structures.

Recall that famous Yamal refrigerator 14 years ago recognized an object of cultural heritage, while it continues to be used for its intended purpose – to store the fish caught in the region.

Created this giant warehouse in the middle of last century. Almost ten years it was cut in permafrost special settlers. During the year, the temperature in the refrigerator is stable – minus 15-17 degrees. Even with the heat under 30 degrees. It is located on the shore of the Ob Bay in the village of New Port, 300 kilometers away from Salekhard. The area of the refrigerator more acres, two hundred of the ice caves stretch for almost a kilometer.

Before the advent of merzlotnykh produced fish was salted in barrels, and in summer from Salekhard fit for processing floating fish processing factory. Now frequent visitors here tourists. Before the pandemic came from all over the world.

the overhaul of the reception and storage of fish in the fridge is discontinued. Further merzlotnykh will again be used for its intended purpose.

the Draft strategic grocery store was invented by the German engineer Gustav Beckmann, who was exiled on the Yamal Peninsula in 1943.

– Hollowed merzlotnykh ten years – from 50 till 60 years. Worked in three shifts, round the clock. Picks tupilsya, permafrost that still rock. On the export of the breed worked women wore the strap and pulled trough. The whole merzlotnykh was done manually, without the use of any mechanisms, – says local historian of the village of New Port Andrey Ogorodnikov.

the Unique project engineer Beckman had survived and the Soviet government, and the restructuring and formation of the market of Russia.