in the middle of the 6. Century before Christ, the Lydian king Croesus in Turkey today is the first gold coins.

It is a revolutionary idea. The Greeks and Romans take over you and spread your drachmas and sesterces in the whole of the Mediterranean.

The first paper money only comes in the 11. Century in China in circulation. It takes 400 years, until the Bank notes in the first European king and city States popping up.

allows changing of borders

However, the Italian trading cities have already developed a System for the given touring street robbers risky precious metal makes Transport unnecessary: 1215 in Palermo, the first exchange – a securities, on which the Exhibitor holds, to whom he owes how much money and where and by whom the recipients of the money collect can.

The exchange allows trading across borders and currencies. He is the Central cashless payment system in Europe and with the European Expansion since the 18th century. Century all over the world. It is the beginning of a development is, at the end of coins and notes superfluous.

In the 20th century. Century makes this development of ever faster and bigger progress. A milestone is the first credit card of American Diners Club in 1950 for its members. In the mid-sixties, the Interbank Card Association is founded, which is called since 1979, Mastercard.

Internet banking and Paypal

The Internet provides the next boost. In 1994, the first succeed in the US-American E-Cash pioneer David Chaum at Cern in Geneva online payment – money is going digital. Around the turn of the Millennium, the first European banks to Internet banking, and Paypal makes the world Onlinbezahlen in real-time is possible. Shortly thereafter, Alipay conquered the Asian Internet market.

The proliferation of Smartphones triggers a new wave in the field of cashless payment transactions. Since 2015 Mobile Pay spreads across the globe: Samsung, Apple and Google to offer mobile payment systems.

Even the Swiss banks to develop a Payment App: Twint. But the Swiss whip out prefer to the Plastikkärtli that works without contact, in each of the Migros cash register.

since 2009, the Bitcoin. Quickly more Blockchain circulating-based crypto currencies on the net. The introduction of the Facebook-Coins will lift the Trend is definitively to a new level: Digital currency is the object of speculation to the Mainstream money. The end of the two and a half thousand years old history of the cash has begun.