The existing world order “crumbled” under the impact of the pandemic, but not because of her. The trends that have been on the agenda, particularly the national economic egoism and aggressive behavior, only amplified. This was stated by the political analyst Fyodor Lukyanov, speaking at the presentation of the report of the Valdai club “don’t run wild in a “crumbling world.”

“Two years ago we released a report which stated that the existing world order crumbles. This report caused a great resonance, as some thought that we exaggerate,” said the research Director of the Fund of the club “Valdai” Fyodor Lukyanov.

According to the analyst, what is happening in the relations between world powers now confirms world is indeed “flaking”. Moreover, the pandemic COVID-19 only fueled the same trends: the growth of national egoism, the revival of aggressive forms of economic behavior (which is most pronounced in the trade war the US and China), the transformation of information into a tool of control and confrontation, and the like.

“the World has already crossed the line of control processes – these are our assumptions justified. The world system is gradually sinking into anarchy when all players start to follow their own interests,” – said Lukyanov.

Your expert insights are presented on Thursday at the presentation of a new extraordinary special report of the Valdai club called “don’t run wild in the crumbling world.” Club meeting at which the report was submitted, and where Lukyanov moderated, was held in online mode.

Special guest of the presentation was Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov. A senior diplomat agreed with the main conclusions of the experts “Valdai”. In his view, the pandemic is not reduced geopolitical tensions, instead exacerbated ideological and information opposition.

“We have urged the American authorities more responsible approach to financing the world health organization (who), not to make this site a political, or rather geopolitical accounts”, – reminded the Deputy Minister.

While the United States continues “to blame China in that something was taken untimely, wrong, poorly during the whole period of the struggle with the virus,” stated Ryabkov. Recall that on Thursday, Donald trump threatened to break off relations with China.

“date online summit of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, which is conceived as an event for addressing COVID-19 and a number of related issues still not agreed”, – said Ryabkov.

International institutions have demonstrated their effectiactivities during a pandemic, in turn, noted Thomas Graham, honorary fellow of the American Council on foreign relations.

“During the crisis we actually didn’t see any sign of unification of the world community and international organizations. On videocamera the G-20 in late March, it was a lot of rhetoric but little concrete action,” said the American analyst.

According to Graham, in a situation of pandemic, who did everything possible to fight the spread of the virus, but an international organization was involved in the confrontation between the US and China, which reduced the effectiveness of the who.

“We have not seen a world leader – neither at country level nor at the level of individual people. It seemed that the leader can be the United States, but there has been the rise of China and Russia, and the role the United States has lost. I agree with the authors of the Valdai report is that the growth competition between the US and China will affect the world order in the future,” says Graham.

Us-China confrontation has become the most serious threat to the UN, in turn, noted the program Director of the club “Valdai” Timofey Bordachev.

“My colleagues and I came to the conclusion that after 1945 – the year of creation of universal system of the United Nations and its principal organ, the Security Council – humanity has not invented anything better. Five nuclear powers are unattainable objectively stronger than all other countries of the world, and it is fair that they have more rights”. Now, however, two members of the UN security Council and two members of the nuclear club, the US and China, were involved in a confrontation that will most likely continue in the near future.

“It will be more dangerous than the cold war because the US and China overlap in many areas, and this confrontation is difficult to manage,” said Bordachev.

Submitted on Thursday, the report notes: “the Era of liberal world order (late 1980s – mid 2010-ies) completed.” According to experts “Valdai”, “the illusion that the state can disappear from the world politics, giving way to a transboundary supranational entities, finally lifted”. The authors of the report predict: the role of sovereign States in this regard will increase. In extraordinary circumstances the state to cope with the task of saving the lives of its citizens, and proved that this year’s event.