The world is quarantined. How to get back home Russian tourists?

In Belgium until April 5 introduced a strict regime of isolation of the residents. Cyprus March 21 prohibits flights from Russia and 27 countries. Because of the coronavirus, thousands of tourists are unable to return home. What to do in this situation?

last week, the tourists complained about the closed in Europe, museums and exhibitions. Now in many countries is simply impossible to take to the streets to get to the airport. In the Czech Republic — emergency mode, moving between cities is forbidden. But most of the tourists in Prague and in Karlovy vary, and it is not young people who came for treatment. Regular flights are cancelled, to buy tickets for a Charter — is extremely difficult and expensive (up to 40 thousand over a 2hr flight). Visa end hotels are closed.

“a Lot of people in Karlovy vary. They just kicked out on the street because of the quarantine. All hotels should be closed, and there are Russian tourists who can’t leave. How to fly — not very clear”, — commented the press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Tyurin.

Other tourists write in social networks history that they have no place even to eat. “Three days did not eat hot. Closed not only all restaurants, and shops, and souvenir shops. It remains only pharmacies”, said a tourist from Nizhny Novgorod Svetlana Strachan.

From Friday to the border of Italy and Slovenia are hundreds of Russian truckers. They were carrying cargo from the Apennine Peninsula and ended up in quarantine. One to let Russian trucks Slovenia has started only on Tuesday. The Consulate was able to negotiate their transit through Hungary and Poland. But this process is slow. Trapped in the neutral zone are still about 200 trucks.

“There’s a big customs area, where there are about 500 cars. They are taken in small groups. My machines are still, unfortunately. Wait, when will be solved the technical issue, will be collected when the convoy is on the way out. We wait, we hope”, — said the head of MK "TRANS” Mikhail Korolkov.

And in the Philippines about a hundred Russian tourists second day sitting in an airport on the island of Cebu. They have only two days prior to the closing of borders and cancellation of flights.

“This led is red for more than a day. No plane today, flew away. And all the flights we bought tickets (we bought the tickets 3-4 times), was canceled. The money hovered in the companies”, — says a tourist in the airport.

the Difficulty in the fact that tourists are scattered in different Islands. And even to fly or swim international airport turns out not at all.

“the Capital is closed, all domestic flights in the Philippines are closed. People have nowhere to go. While there is preliminary information that the tourists will be out in the morning on March 19 in Manila. What’s next – no one can say. People have a strong panic. All survive,” — says the involuntary participant of events of Anastasia Yolk.

More than 60 Russians can’t fly to Peru. In the Latin American Republic introduced a state of emergency. Internal and external passenger service suspended. The Embassy is considering the possibility of evacuation.

“Questions about a possible return to Russia are now being investigated. Trying to do and provide to our citizens all the assistance,” — said the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Peru Danis sultans.

All tourists who are in a similar situation, you need to provide your personal data to the Consulate of Russia. Now all countries make lists of Russians, who want to soon return home. The decision on the new Charter flights, about possible financial assistance to operators will be made based on these data.