FINA was one of the first international federations, which questioned the conduct of the world championship in the summer of 2021.

now, the international swimming Federation – the first, called the new timing of this championship. FINA did not deny this honor and honestly acquired rights of the organizers of the Japanese Fukuoka. After all, they have invested a lot of money and effort in the preparation of sports facilities. Besides the world Championships for aquatic types are held every two years, so nobody’s rights are not infringed. The next championship will be held in October 2023, first in Doha, and in 2025, and in 2015, in Kazan.

As reported today by the website of the FINA world Cup 2021, dubbed the championship in 2022, will Fukuoka from 13 till 29 may 2022.

the World championship, held since 1973, usually held a few months later. Only in 1991 the Australian Perth invited the athletes in January. Maybe the early start will allow FINA to stretch the season, and to expand the calendar to include more tournaments, because athletes and spectators missed events.

FINA for many years headed by one of the deans of world sport, is now 85-year-old Uruguayan IOC member since 1996 Julio C. Maglione. In the election in 2009, he promised to retire by age immediately after the expiration of the first term of the Board. But left. And I think it wise, prudent and very diplomatically guide all is only good.