So, in Spain, hoteliers and authorities in several regions turned to the Central government with a proposal to create a family with a voucher for travel in the country, the cost of which is wholly or partially can be returned when submitting the income Declaration. It is only an idea, because the quarantine is still not cancelled. But otherwise to attract tourists, will be difficult, because about half of Spaniards, according to polls, abandoned its plans this summer (after a two-month idle time of the production of money, many are just not enough).

the Canary and Balearic Islands are afraid that tourists from Spain and from abroad prefer this year to relax on the continent, and therefore ask the airlines to give at least their compatriots wishing to visit the Islands, 75 percent discount on tickets (such are locals). Grant it has requested from Madrid.

the Idea of family vouchers, the Spaniards have borrowed from the Italians. On the Apennine Peninsula first figured out how to use them to attract tourists. The government is ready to give families earning up to 40 thousand euros per year grants worth up to € 500 that you can use for booking hotels or rental apartments. The maximum amount you can expect to families with one or more children, 300 euros will be awarded to childless couples, and 150 euros – one who wants to travel. Hotels will provide them a discount for the amount.

the Authorities of Sicily are studying the possibility to compensate part of the cost of the flights to those who prefer their holidays this island. It is also proposed to make a free every third night in the hotel (in other words, give a 30% discount on accommodation at the hotel) and free of charge to put in museums and on archaeological excavations.

Compensation for the flight by plane offer in Japan. The necessary funds will be taken from the 11.5 billion Euro, which the Country of the rising sun contributed to the recovery of the tourism sector.

But in New Zealand I propose to reduce the working week to four days to the long weekend people could have somewhere to go to relax. According to the Prime Minister of Jacinda Ardern, it will create the necessary conditions for promotion of domestic tourism, will help in the recovery of the economy, as well as allow a little to unwind people trapped in quarantine for two months.

it is Worth noting that all of these bonuses are the authorities in different countries come up with mostly for its own citizens, because of the pandemic, the border is still closed.