the Draft financial assistance, according to BelTA, the provides for the health care system with medical ventilators, anesthetic and antibiotics, and personal protective equipment for doctors. In addition, the funds will be spent on activities to improve informirovannosti of the population on measures of social distancing and hygiene.

the Lab of the health system and services disease control, said the Agency, will also receive aid for early detection, confirmation and registration of cases of viral infection. During the project implementation in the Republic of equipment will be purchased to identify COVID-19, including test kits, personal protective equipment, laboratory reagents. Expected and financial assistance in the purchase of modern ambulances.

“This project complements the long-term support to the global financial Institute is to strengthen the health system of the Republic, including the current project “Modernization of the health system the Republic of Belarus” and a possible future project for the optimization of the network of hospitals and provide long-term care, in respect of which received a funding request from the government of Belarus,” – said the representative office of the world Bank.

Friday news portals also reported that the deputies of the Minsk city Council made changes to the investment program of Minsk for the current year. According to this document, 4.5 million Belarusian rubles will be directed for the reconstruction of facilities in the hospitals and clinics for the installation of the new CT scanners needed by physicians in pandemic coronavirus.

by the Way, according to sources in the Ministry of health of the Republic, on may 22 in the country was 34 303 people who test positive for COVID-19. Recovered and was discharged 12 833 patient. For the entire period of infection in the country died 190 patients.