the Final tournament of the championship of Russia was preceded by eight stages of the preliminary round (“regular season”), which took place from December last year to March 2020 in Voronezh (twice), Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod region, Ivanovo, Perm, St. Petersburg (twice) and Kazan.

Initially, the final CR was scheduled for 20-21 March in Khabarovsk, but the calendar Porush global pandemic coronavirus. And even in such a difficult situation, the Russian basketball Federation (RBF) have found a possibility to still play the title and prize – winning places in Moscow the ninth of August.

the Right to speak at a crucial stage received five best on the total number of points of teams, plus one seat was reserved for a special invitation (“wild card”) from the Russian basketball Federation. By the way, the head of the RBF Andrei Kirilenko is the Chairman of the Commission for 3×3 basketball in the leadership of the International basketball Federation (FIBA).

‘Wild Card’ was won by the team “Energy” (Ivanovo), who finished in the points classification of the regular season in sixth place, that is actually a sports principle of selection for the final was fully met, without the intervention of any subjective factors, or of someone’s preferences. In Moscow at the site “Under the Bridge” company of the girls from the “city of brides” came up with the following teams: MBA (Moscow), the first and second teams of the St. Petersburg Olympic training Center (CSB-1 and CSB-2), just “Moscow” and finishing at the preliminary stage of the fifth “Tulpar” who was destined to become a major troublemaker.

the Participants were divided into two triples, the top two teams after the preliminary games have advanced to the semifinals. The situation came that way. Group “a”: “Energy” – 2 victories – 0 defeats, “Tulpar” – 1-1 IBA – 0-2. Group “b”: “Moscow” – 2-0, TSOP-1 – 1-1, TSOP-2 – 0-2.

Then, in the first semifinal of “Energy” won TSOP-1 – 15 are:12. Recall that the 3×3 basketball play or 10 minutes of pure time, or dialed to one of the teams 21 points. Accurate shot with medium or close range – 1 point, the distance – 2 (although in basketball, it is classic hit – “treshka”). The “brides” in this semi-final were scored by Ekaterina Kuznetsova – 9 points, including three well-aimed shot from beyond the arc.

Second place in the final was disputed by the “Tulpar” and “Moscow” – 15:13 in favor of kazanacak, led by head coach Natalia Kuleshova. Girls from the capital of Tatarstan took over in extra time as 10-minute ended 13:13. For the capital club fought desperately hereditary basketball player Daria Somodi. Her mother Svetlana Somodi (Bushueva) was previously playing for Dynamo Moscow, worked in the Department of the RBF for training the reserve teams, but then her uncommon managerial skills were in demand in handball Federation of Russia, where the ex-basketbalatka became the leading specialist of the Department on holding all-Russian competitions.

“Bronze” match ended with the victory “Moscow” on TSOP-1 – 21:8, with 11 points Somodi Jr. Despite the heavy defeat, the team TSOP-1 deserves the credit. But otherwise, if the main coach of the team – Irina Pleshakova (aka Rutkowski, it – Kush, and it is also a time – Shevchuk). Rutkowski (and mostly under that name know basketball fans with the experience), at the time, was the main star of Russian national team and Petersburg “Force Majeure”, to practice under the supervision of Kira’s has Trzheskal very fast and flashy, very spectacular game. Now in the arena “Under the Bridge” in the ranks of CLC-1 showed the class the “old school” player like 41-year-old (!) Yulia Mironova, who previously played with Rutkowski on the same team. Confident and reasonable steps Mironova on the site recalled the good old days when girls played, especially in good faith, from the heart, and in any case not for the material rewards at the forefront of personal philosophy.

the Final was spectacular. The match was judged the son of the master of the shop basketball referees, Mikhail Davydov Alexey now reached respectable heights in their difficult and nerve profession, the company he was a girl – Anna Miroshnichenko. Recall that one of our most famous referees Elena Chernova also once started with streetball, and then worked at the Olympic Games, boldly and categorically giving fouls to NBA stars of the American “Drim Tim”.

In the struggle for “gold”, “Tulpar” beat “Energy” – 15:10. The scores of the winners: Maria Popova – 7, Irina Chekunova – 6, Olesya Nikolenko – 2; in the ranks of the “brides” were scored by Ekaterina Kuznetsova (4), Maria Martynova (4), Alexander Chuprov (2). But the player “Energy” Arina Pozhilova all seven of their shots was not perfect, but was good on rebounds the ball under the boards.

winners and prize-Winners of stages of the championship of Russia on basketball 3×3 women’s teams

1st phase (December 3, Voronezh). 1. IBA (Moscow). 2. TSOP-1 (Saint Petersburg). 3. TSOP-2 (Pb).

the 2nd stage (December 14, Kstovo). 1. TSOP-2. 2. TSOP-1. 3. “Energia” (Ivanovo).

3rd stage (January 9, Ivanovo). 1. IBA. 2. “Tulpar” (Kazan). 3. “Moscow”.

4-th stage (January 19, Perm). 1. TSOP-2. 2. “Tulpar”. 3. “Dessert” (Ekaterinburg).

5-th stage (31 January, Saint-Petersburg). 1. TSOP-1. 2. IBA. 3. “Samara 3×3”.

6-th stage (February 13, Voronezh). 1. IBA. 2. “Samara 3×3”. 3. “Energy”.

7-th stage (February 29, Saint-Petersburg). 1. “Dessert.” 2. “Latinas” (Moscow). 3. TSOP-2.

the 8-th stage (9 Mar, Kazan). 1. “Moscow”. 2. “Tulpar”. 3. “Samara 3×3”.

Final standings in regular season

1. IBA (Moscow) – 380 points (16 wins – 3 losses). 2. TSOP-1 (Saint Petersburg) – 380 (13-8). 3. TSOP-2 SPb – 340 (11-5). 4. “Moscow” – 340 (12-8). 5. “Tulpar” (Kazan) – 340 (9-12). 6. “Energia” (Ivanovo) – 305. 7. “Samara 3×3” – 270 (7-9). 8. “De��ERT” (Ekaterinburg) – 270 (5-9). 9. “Latinas” (Moscow) – 190. 10. “Sparta” (Voronezh) – 150. 11. “Sisters Felix” (Dzerzhinsk) – 135.

results of the final stage (9 Aug, Moscow)

Group “A”. “Energia” (Ivanovo) – “Tulpar” (Kazan) – 14:13. “Tulpar” – IBA (Moscow) – 13:4. “Energy” – IBA – 14:10. Position: “Energy” – 2 victories – 0 defeats, “Tulpar” – 1-1 IBA – 0-2.

the Group “b”. TSOP-1 (Saint Petersburg) – TSOP-2 (Saint Petersburg) – 16:10. “Moscow” – TSOP-1 – 14:12. “Moscow” – TSOP-2 – 17:11. Location: Moscow, 2-0, TSOP-1 – 1-1, TSOP-2 – 0-2.

the semi-finals. “Energy” – TSOP-1 – 15:12 (9 Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Aleksandr Chuprov 4, 2 Maria Martinova Arina Pozhilova – 5 Daria Nazarova, Ekaterina Timchenko 5, 2, Yulia Mironova, Anastasia Dobrokhotov). “Tulpar” – “Moscow” – 15:13 FROM (Irina Chekunova 6, Maria Popova 5, Olesya Nikolenko 4 – 8 Ekaterina Pavlova, Daria Somodi 5, Yulia Kozlova).

For the 3rd place. “Moscow” – TSOP-1 – 21:8 (Somodi 11, Pavlova 6, Kozlova 4 – Mironov 3, Timchenko 3, Nazarova 2, Dobrokhotova).

the FINAL. “Tulpar”- “Energy” – 15:10 (Popova 7, Chekunova 6, Nikolenko 2 – Kuznetsova 4, Martynov 4, Chuprova 2, Pozhilova).