The BBC’s 50:50 competition, costs nothing, takes two minutes a day and is voluntary. Anyone who takes part, only collects data, counts every evening, the female and male protagonists and leads in the book. 500 Teams have participated. To be alone in that thinking, day by day, changed everything.

Even the sports editors and BBC Arabic have achieved a more balanced conditions. In your one-year attempt by the British broadcasting has noticed the company that there are enough women, which can explain the world. And something of the trial: women in the audience showed.

All of the studies that have been analysed so far, the one who comes in the media, to word, to show the grotesque disproportions. The most recent survey in Switzerland shows that 79 percent of politicians in the media, men and only 21 percent women. Another study has evaluated that in the economy of the media, 95 percent of the men Say. Only 5 percent of the people were women.

actually got someone on the idea that women are not interested in business, politics or sports, because they occur simply? Media have neglected women as customers and readers for years roughly.

more and more media notice, that without Experts simply also a lot of money missing. Who appeals to women, waived sales. It is, therefore, not only justice, but also about business.

In the UK are also followed so, in the meantime, more than 20 media houses in the BBC example, and in the 50:50 competition entered. So, for example, the Financial Times, ABC News and “Fortune”. The “Financial Times” is even a Bot, the journalists alerted, if you quote too often, men. The Tool scans the text on pronouns and first names.

love the Swiss media houses, why not collect these Figures? You are at the source. The data are all there. Afraid of the results? It seems that you didn’t want to know exactly. But only if inequality is visible, it can be specifically avoided. Metrics help to avoid blind flights.

the idea for The BBC competition a man: the presenter Ros Atkins had, by the way. Also, he personally has benefited from more Experts: His Show has won since the trial, a quarter more viewers. #departure

*Patrizia Laeri (42) is economic editor and presenter of “SRF Börse” and “Eco”, as well as Advisory Board member in the Institute for Digital Business at HWZ. She writes every second Wednesday for VIEWS.