a resident of the Irish County Kerry for a week forgot the wallet lottery ticket was a winning one. This is the website of UPI.

the Irish woman said her family often pool their savings buying lottery tickets. They heard the result of the draw 18 APR somebody took the jackpot, but did not think that their ticket will win.

“a few days later I checked my ticket for the next win and noticed in the bag one more forgotten lottery ticket. Then I remembered that I forgot to check it,” said the woman.

She was astonished when he found that I was the owner of nearly 9.8 million euros (763,7 million). This is the biggest prize ever given in the County. The winner said that she started jumping around the room with delight. “Fun to think I almost went to the week with the winning ticket in the bag”, she said.

because of the pandemic of the coronavirus family had to wait two months to get the win. This week they finally visited the headquarters of the lottery. The winners have not yet decided how to spend the money.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the U.S. state of North Carolina nearly lost his wealth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars because of his forgetfulness. He forgot the winning lottery ticket in the cab of his truck, as I haven’t used it because of the pandemic of coronavirus.