Hasselt –

A 28-year-old woman from Eindhoven on Friday by the Hasselt court of first instance to 5 years in prison, sentenced to death for her stiefzoontje at 3.5 years of age. At first it was 8 years old at an advanced stage. On the 30th of march in 2016, but she’s a baby for a few minutes. – In her own words, she saw the little boy the incarnation of all evil in her life up till then had happened to.

She stood up, rightly, for intentional assault and battery with accidental death as a result. She was married to an American military man, who is in the airforce base of Kleine-Brogel air base is employed. With him she formed a new one composed of family. They had three children. From the adoption of the law doctor found that the child was at least five or six times, weighs heavily in the stomach, was captured. The boy showed the bruises on the face, trunk, and extremities. There was a tear in the diaphragm is identified.

“I wasn’t all that long ago given birth, and was for some time a negative thought. I’m just very closed in nature. I was able to use my story to no one. I was just wondering why it’s stiefzoontje not wanted to listen to it,” he said in a very emotional defendant to a three-judge panel. The defense, with attorney Philip Daeninck was found by the court. The district court was not requested for immediate apprehension.