American Madi Brooks admitted in TikTok that she allowed her husband to have sex with her mother and sister. The Sun writes about this.

“Me and my mom are swingers, and it’s wonderful—” she explains in one of the videos. – Do you know why? Because when I’m not in the mood, I just let my husband go to her.” According to her, he sleeps with his mother-in-law a couple of times a week.

In addition to the mother, sometimes the younger sister of the woman joins the couple. “Do you know what I do to make my husband happy? – Brooks claims in another video. “I let him have fun with my little sister.”

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the US state of Washington said that polyamorous relationships strengthen her family. According to the woman, at first she felt insecure and was afraid that her husband would leave for another, but later realized that such a relationship is stronger than monogamous.