The winners and prizewinners of the Olympiad, Russia and the

the Competition this year was very high: only in the final was attended by 240 people from all over Russia. They wrote essays and performed the task with a short answer on the history and social studies.

Photo: Kirill Kuhmar/TASS the Timing of the exam and the OGE moved

the Diplomas of the first degree to five students. All graduates of 10-11X classes. The leader with the maximum this year is 90 points, Maria Khvostov from Kaluga. Behind it – 10-grader Alexander Akimov of Moscow region with 88 points. In third and fourth place of 11-graders of Moscow Artem Agafonov and Elena Androsova. On the fifth or 11th grader Ivan Galanin from the heading.

the Remaining 39 children were winners with diplomas of the second and third degree.

Benefits and winners, and the winners will be very serious: MGIMO, for example, gives you 100 points for the exam on the history and social studies for admission. And this “handicap” the University has all of the following four years: that is, even the seventh graders find it useful. But you need to fulfill the condition to write the relevant exam not less than 75 points.