the Wife of actor will Smith, jada Pinkett Smith, live Internet show, Red Table Talk revealed the truth about his extramarital affair with singer Augusto Alcinoe. Writes about this edition of The Hollywood Reporter.

jada confirmed that she had a relationship with the contractor about 4.5 years ago, however, refuted the information that her husband was “blessed” their romance, because at that time the couple “was going through a very difficult time” and broke up, so get her spouse’s approval was not necessary.

According to the wife of the actor having an affair with the singer, she “just wanted to feel good”, because at that time, her psychological condition was “fragile.” Along with that, added Pinkett-Smith, because of this connection she was able to confront her own “emotional immaturity” and vulnerability.

the singer Augusto Alsina said that for a long time met the wife of will Smith, and their relationship was approved by the spouse because the couple had an open relationship. According to 27-year-old artist, wife and Smith introduced them, the eldest son of a pair of Jaden in 2015. Since then they were inseparable. In turn, Sam Smith, and his wife were denied the words Alsina.