The wife of the President of Albania Monica Kamadi detained in Tirana to protest against the destruction of one of the main attractions of the capital – the National theatre – said the publication Albanian Daily News.

In 2018, Prime Minister EDI Rama took the decision to demolish was built in 1939 of urban heritage due to too high costs for its maintenance. The frame is intended to build on the site of the monument to the new theatre. This angered the residents of the capital, valued the building.

On Sunday morning, residents surrounded the theatre, opposing its demolition. Among the demonstrators was the wife of the President of Albania, member of Parliament and leader of the Socialist party Monica Kamadi. Supporting the protesters, she turned to the Prosecutor’s office calling for the arrest of police force against citizens. Later, several demonstrators, including Cimade, was detained. The remaining failed to prevent the implementation of the intentions of the authorities, and early Sunday morning the building was destroyed.

According to the newspaper, Monica Kamadi have been released. Her husband, the President Ilir Meta, said the demolition of the building, calling the incident "grave offence".