The widow of Vladimir Etush:

the Key word here is “once”

Yes, its a year there, and this young and interesting woman cries all the time. Surprised that he is swapping his dark jacket away from my well-worn coats. Why? In the house — his worship: the walls only to its photographs, posters, kitchen round table — a glass of “Prosecco” (“he loved”), Cup with blue pattern, but without tea, but on the saucer lot of delicious beserek. And sit together with her, as if waiting for the third.

— This is his place, — says Elena, — his Cup and plate. He loved sweets, but he wasn’t all that was possible — diabetes also. However, doctors said that if he wants something sweet, don’t need to ban, it is better to give in limited quantities (crying).

Lena, you’re crying like it happened only yesterday. But all the same time… it heals, soothes.

— no, not soothing. I was told that there must come a time when sorrow will be finished, a bright sadness (crying), but I think it’s time for me will come not soon. A year passed, and to say that I started feeling better, impossible. The only thing I learned to do, this doesn’t show mountain, not to ship people to the fact that you feel bad.

When I start to cry strongly, I said, “You just knew that with such a difference in age when this was supposed to happen.” That is the key word here is “once”. You never, no matter how many years a person, I don’t think it will happen right tomorrow. After all, a year ago, on December 30, he played “benefit”. Moreover, the Director Vladimir Ivanov came up with for Vladimir Abramovich benefit room in “Mademoiselle nitouche”. See, the text lies, we practiced back at home, and on March 5 I called Ivanov: “Let’s appoint a rehearsal, we’re ready.” On March 5, Vladimir Abramovich got through my last thousand steps for the apartment (every day he walked like that), but under a hand with me. And there’s his bike is worth between two and four times for 15 minutes a day CRUTiel. The fifth of March we had a wedding anniversary, and we drank some wine, came the film “Old soldier” Sergei Batayev, said that the film is edited and ready to show it to us. “I have a bottle of Prosecco will bring together view…” On the left. After all, a year ago, on March 8, we drove him to the hospital not to die — only treat (crying).

“the adventures of Pinocchio”. Shot from a film

“Your undivided attention is troubling me,”

Lena, when you met with Mr Abramovich, could you imagine that you’ve been together for almost 20 years?

I hoped. Otherwise what sense was to get married, if you think that live a year or two.

— Tell the story of your acquaintance.

It was an accident, probably, destiny: 1988, approached the 7th of November, and would like some cultural programs. The cashier in the metro on “Kievskaya” I bought a ticket to the show “cheers” where Etush played a major role. Still remember sitting in the front row in fifth place (did not play in the Vakhtangov, and in the DK “Gorbunova”). Thanks to this show I fell in love with Vakhtangov, began to go to different shows, reviewed almost the entire repertoire.

Heart skipped a beat? Fate has sent us a sign?

— At the moment — no. But the cashier, which I have since bought the tickets several times told me: “Lena, go to the play “Sunset”. He’s amazing”. Finally, “Sunset” did, and 22 Feb ‘ 90 I got him. And there really fate has sent us a sign: I first time saw Vladimir Abramovich in dramatic roles, and it blew me away. I, like everyone, knew him for Comedy, drama and his talent for the first time I opened it in “Sunset”. It was the day when the judgeBA knocked in my life. And from that moment I began to walk only on his performances.

I have learned when I came with flowers, but I walked over to him, probably only two years later. Somehow I waited at the service entrance, and he saw me and said, “Your attention is troubling me”. — “You know, I’m not unemployed actress and Shchukin school to do not going to,” I replied. Well, thus began: could wait then we could talk.

— By the time Vladimir Abramovich was already a widower?

No. His wife died in 2000. I was just a fan, but during the life of his wife perfectly understood (I’m still not 18), my love for the artist is futile. But that was as it should be.

Sorry, groupie without a relationship?

Absolutely. In General, all somehow stretched, stretched… And then his wife died, and here is relationship moved to the next phase, and some in a natural way… I moved in in March of 2001: he was 78, and I — 36. Yes, 42 years difference. First year lived a civil marriage, and during that time it became very clear that we are family, each completely fit. On March 5 we got married.

— Vladimir Abramovich did you offer?

— Yes.

— And the wedding was held?

In the restaurant “Caucasian captive” on Prospekt Mira. Signed Cheremushkinsky registry office: Vladimir Abramovich’s friend was a lawyer and he agreed, so we quickly registered. The wedding cake was, but a little, people 12. He chose “Caucasian captive” — this restaurant when Novikov opened it, it had something to do with Nina Pavlovna Pectinate, the widow of film Director Gaidai, they advised a restaurateur.

“prisoner of the Caucasus”. KadR from the movie

to marry a man

— And yet this difference in age — 42 years! Others do not ask you the question: “Lena, you’re not crazy?”

— From my friends, such questions were not. I knew and understood that this was my destiny. And whatever it was, I don’t need.

— the Mikael Tariverdiev is the song “marry the man”. It seems to me that a man such a difference should alert even more than a young woman. Everyone recalls a terrible story of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and his young companion.

— Vladimir Abramovich is a clever man, wise, far-sighted, and, having lived with me for a year, clearly understand that I’m the one person on whom he can rely, with whom you will live, as it turned out, a long life.

Sorry pedalero the topic of age, but still a man in 60 and 80 — two big differences. Life is not a movie, and in it there is disease, old habits that only worsen, and for others be a test.

— All it is. For the first year of our life together I had to adapt to his life. And it would be strange if I came to him, and I began to dictate the rules. Can’t say that I had to break themselves. I really loved him and I wanted what was best for us. We have enough to understand everything.

— Who’s the boss?

the First big part of our life, I obeyed him. But the moment came when the head of the family fell to me. But even then, when it seemed that the head — me, my feeling was still in it.

Material your life changed dramatically after marriage with the famous artist?

— To Vladimir Abramovich had quite a decent profession I am a teacher of English, I had students, and I wasn’t starving. Of course, the material side of life with Mr Abramovich began Drugogo order, and I saw the difference. Of course, with it opportunities appeared more. I’m not a spender, and he also. We really approached each other. We were two halves of one whole. And now I feel as though I was in the middle half (crying), and I take this half and go.

— Old husband, terrible husband… Could, among other things, to ask a young wife — where it goes when you get back?

— I did not go anywhere and. Eighteen years we spent together almost every minute. He was my friend, and I have not had the need in others. This does not mean that we distanced themselves from everyone: he loved to take, went to visit, by the way, we have been friends all young and none of them were couples with such a difference in years.

— And the secrets of the female, and a hen?

— And had no secrets, and hen I without uselessness was.

— you dream about him?

Very rarely. I even go to bed, say in the evening: “Talk to me, please” (crying).

photo: From personal archive In his latest performance “benefit”.

“Vladimir, you are the Caucasus do not go, kill you there”

— it is Striking that in his 96 Richter walked on stage and held the room. How many performances in a month he survived? By what?

up To a certain point, it turned out ten, including theatrical companies. Four times a month was “Marina” and twice for “uncle’s dream”, two “okaemovs ‘ lifetime”, and non “Gardener” also twice. I wondered how could he bear it? In General, physical activity was a lot of walking, in the country went on a three-wheeled adult bike, swam in the pool. Held it.

How was working on the role?

— Always the same: locked in a room, taking their text and thought. It was mopremeB. But what was he doing on the stage, could not be called a game it was not going in the role, and the person who was depicted.

As a comrade Saahova “the Caucasian captive”? For example, I have long believed that Etush — Georgian or other Caucasian nationality.

— It still began with the film “the Chairman”, where they played together with Mikhail Ulyanov. He told me that after painting told him: “Volodya, you are the Caucasus do not go, kill you there”. Then, when I starred in “the Caucasian prisoner”, the same people said, “Well, you now and in the Caucasus ride is not necessary. And here they’ll kill you.” And once he went to the market to buy something. Sees that the Caucasian traders looking at him, talking and moved in his direction. “Well, I started,” he said then. And Caucasians to him: “This you played in “Caucasian captive”?” — “I”. — “Wah, my dear how well played”, and began to treat it, bestow.

— Vladimir Abramovich did not think that a Comedy, the type of comrade Saahova, has damaged his career?

— he had no acting coquetry, as I’m tired of this comrade Saakhov. He loved him and was aware that, no matter how many great roles he never played, still people love comrade Saahov and the dentist Shpak (Comedy Gaidai “Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession”. — M. R.) they don’t outweigh. What fame has brought him Comedy Gaidai, and for that he was grateful Gaidai.

you Know, he’s happy acting appearance with age he has changed little: it seems to be getting older, but the appearance was recognizable. Children recognize him as Karabas-Barabas. When we came to the “Crust” for movies, the sellers said that so far they have sold two of the tales — “the adventures of Pinocchio” and “little Red riding Hood”.

— Not every actor can be a comedian. While Vladimir Abramovich for all his arhierejskom a gift for Comedy was huge.

— I can only explain God’s gift. He went on stage, and only the head will turn, so the eyebrows or the eyes do, and it was left up to him. I wondered how it remained until the last days. By the way, as well as a sense of humor, and his presence suggests that a person with a head all right. The reaction was fast, always joking and with a straight face. We had a family joke, as in Lenkom’s play “Memorial prayer”: I remember when the hero Abdulov has approached Peltzer: “Mamma, let’s start to navigate”. And we have this Hochma went constantly: I something do not understand it immediately: “Let’s focus”.

— can’t forget his most recent role is the female in the performance “benefit”, where Vladimir Abramovich, and Sophia Ivanovna, and neparadija, and the most that neither is the female essence.

— Vladimir Abramovich loved the movie “Come see me” with Jankowski, Kupchenko, Vasilyeva and Shchukina in the lead roles. And somehow our producers had the idea to put with Mr Abramovich such a performance, only altering his mom and dad. He was not thrilled with this idea and, back in Moscow, called his friend, critic Boris Poyurovskim, said that he was offered such a role, but what mom I want to transform into the Pope. To which he replied: “Once lost truth of life: such relations between father and daughter does not happen, but only between mother and daughter when the mother daughter jammed.” And reminded Mr Abramovich that all the great artists for once in my life played a female role. “Come, Volodya, your turn.” And he played.

Here we are now, I think of the monument to the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Abramovich. In my view it needs to be in the image of comrade Saahova to the people he called, a smile and that it was still possible for happiness and good fortune ear or cloves to RUB.

photo: From personal archive

“People thought: in the car alive”

— speaking of monuments. In the memories of widows all their great men look more like monuments than on the living. What we didn’t know Vladimir Abramovich? After all, the General view is that it is strict: all graduates “Pike” even after becoming famous artists, he feared, the walls pressed close.

the Man with the rod, with their ideas about life, which followed. Was not inclined to compromise, if something was certain, it did not collapse. And quickly took action. Maybe he gave the impression of a closed person, but it is rather because he is wary of strangers. But with family more charming, friendly man is hard to imagine. He was good at to prepare the skewers, however, when he taught me, the barbecue is I did. But no matter what I did, he kept asking: “Mamochka, (he called me that) can I help you?” even when weakened severely. Here we came to the cottage, I began to carry bags, knowing that he can’t help me (crying), but he still asked: “Help?”

I Loved speed, I thought: what Russian does not love fast driving? We once, when I went to the cottage, got into an accident.

— Highly driven?

— He was driving on the tarmac under 100, and almost at the entrance to the cottage, the car skidded. We, unfortunately, were not wearing seat belts, and after hitting the post several times and we launched down the slope, tumbling, slid down. But, oddly enough, the car took the wheel. Vladimir Abramovich lost consciousness, but I don’t. Maybe I was saved by the fact that, seeing as we are drifting, I legs much contact with the floor. Head bashed in, covered in blood was, and mucosa of the upper lip from inside of me like a knife cut, he broke his collarbone. The car was damaged beyond repair. Then those who took us, told me that thought, in the car alive.

— Maybe someone you envy: an elderly artist, a young wife… and jinxed?

Yes don’t know only after this incident I was afraid to travel with him, offered herself to drive, since by that time already acquired the rights. Tell him: “I am with you I will not ride”. And he said, “Well, don’t go”. And then I bought this little Daewoo Matiz, and we went on a country train. And, closer to his 90 years, I barely convinced him to stop driving. And he was fearless: remember, I just got my license, he put me behind the wheel and said go. And the fact that I really did not go, that he didn’t care.

— it is Known that Vladimir Abramovich during the war he served in intelligence, spoke good German. In civilian life used?

— how. Here we loved Vienna, we had a sign: to return, to sit in the pub “Salm Broy” that in the center of the city there to eat ribs, drink beer. And somehow, on the eve of departure, in the evening, went there but was no free tables and we were seated to a couple, quite young, from Germany. Talking: I — English, Vladimir Abramovich in German. We are talking about the war and what he was told, could be reduced to the fact that Vladimir Abramovich, the only one in our whole company fought, the hatred of the Germans there. Fascism and the German people — not the same thing. As a result a couple were crying, ordered schnapps, and we had a drink together.

“My worst nightmare in my life”

Lena, sorry for the question — you didn’t want to have a baby?

— If it does not, then probably not.

— Or it was a condition of spouse life without children?

— Never any conditions, he did not put. And I thought this was not, because it is clear that with such a difference in age, plan children is not worth it. Probably, if it happened, it would have been a child, but turned out differently. I’m sure all of us someone who controls, knows everything about us, so that wasfit.

— it is Clear that he is the husband, he’s a kid and all. But still the profession of the husband — acting — selfish enough, a woman of self-denial.

that he loved me very much (crying), that he knew everything and I know for sure. Therefore, no special women share I was not deprived. This was our life, which I really liked. We are 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year spent together. I even in the hospital with him lying and never leave him, even for a minute. Only on March 8, when he was taken to the hospital… (crying again). It is a long time without me could not. Indeed, in Italy, in the summer when he suffered a heart attack, the doctors would not let me in intensive care. As a result, I spent three days there on the chair. So was sleeping. For me now it’s the worst nightmare of her life — the thought that he died without me. I’d always think: “if, if I’m with him there was, he wouldn’t have died (crying). Suddenly he was at this point scared that I’m not there and I don’t hold his hand”.

— do you Communicate with the only daughter of Vladimir Abramovich Etush, Raisa?

Good question. Our lives during these 18 years can be divided into three parts: the first, when they talked to each other almost 8 years.

But father and daughter are family, between which something happened. Vladimir Abramovich could not with you not to share?

This is their story, it was up to me, and I don’t feel entitled to comment on it. The next period, when their communication was restored, and now the third period when Vladimir Abramovich not.

— But in fairness, say that you in recent years cared for her father and extend his life.

Raisa publicly say about me well, says that he understands it. In all periods of life, we are trying to build civilized relations.

fofact: From personal archive With Mireille Mathieu.

Roses for her. Roses from Mirelle

When we buried Vladimir Abramovich, it struck me that was a luxury basket of white roses from the great French singer Mireille Mathieu. You were so close?

— When Vladimir Abramovich did not, Mirelle called me the second after Irina Petrovna Kupchenko. Stood up and said that they won’t leave me. At the funeral she sent a basket of white roses. Our meetings with her — this too is fate. 2015 at Christmas, we were at the cottage. Got up, had Breakfast and turned on the TV and on the channel “Culture” started the concert of Mireille Mathieu in Olympia hall, the record 2005. Actually, we were going to walk, but then froze. And then I saw two shows — her concert and it looks like Vladimir Abramovich. It was all there, as if he lived with her on stage every sung note. And in the finale when she gave a long cantilena and made a victorious gesture, Vladimir Abramovich turned to me and said, “very happy”. He was glad for her.

We fell in love with Mireille in her Mature period and since the previous and current Mirelle was like two different people. We believed that she is now on ten goals higher than in youth: on the scene not a girl but a woman that has experienced and which has something to say. “I would go to her concert. It will not be somewhere to speak?” — he asked once. I then in the Internet and found out that she will indeed tour Europe, and even on March 5, the anniversary of our wedding, and in our beloved Vienna. And we decided to go.

Bought online tickets for “Vienna concert house”, was written in club of fans that are going. Her longtime fan Michael Filatov informed the Manager Mirelle about Vladimir Abramovich, and he replied that after the concert we are invited to it. Vladimir Abramovich came with a large bouquet of 25 white roses, presented to her, and she introduced him to the Austrian public as “a very famous Russian artist”. And already POSLe concert, we went to her backstage, where he met, and from that moment began a warm friendship. Mirelle is very touching and is very small — 1 m 53 cm, this was most struck by Vladimir Abramovich, he always asked: “Where is it placed there?” — referring to its powerful voice. By the way, in March, will go to her concert.

a death like that must be earned

— with the years, even if you do not want, thinking about his departure from life — how will it happen? Vladimir Abramovich discussed with you this?

— When in the summer he had his first heart attack, we slowly began to cancel performances. But to put his house is not even discussed. Then we made up a room for him at the “Mademoiselle nitouche”. He would go on stage or not, the content of the performance is not affected by. But he did not come out (crying). I understand the mind that this death must need to earn that until the last day to be in sound mind and memory and on their feet. But then again, that’s all. Incidentally, he always wanted to do. But he had this attitude: a century note, and there will be.

Orders as some left? After all, he left you, it was one on this earth.

— I knew that I’m alone, worried how I will live, will live. So 18 years we have saved every penny. And now it really helps me.

— it is Unknown how things will develop life, how much money you will need. Don’t have to sell the apartment or furniture?

No. When Vladimir Abramovich did not, I realized after my apartment should become a Museum. And any sales I should put in the form in which it is.

— But you’re a young woman can still hold their own destiny…

— Never! No way! It can’t be, because it can never be! Say is not for effect. When I married him, I always knew then my fate was when he was gone, to be aboutne. I can never be close with another person is my karma. Then somehow remembered the film “shades disappear at midday”. There are heroes — Anisim, Red Maria, which killed, but he left a daughter. Before his death, Anisim says, “Though I do not deserve honor, but bury me next to Mary. I’m with her entire life in the thoughts lived”. I now very well understand what it means “in the mind lived”.

Lena, one last question: why do you always weighed his jacket from the rack, when someone comes?

— the smell remained of him, it is his smell. And to smell someone else’s perfume. I even his linen after 40 days tightly wrapped in the package: to smell them. As possible.