The who said the spread of the coronavirus

Photo: Egor of Provornikov the Ministry of health spoke about the six rules of self-isolation

Before making this conclusion, the experts analyzed more than 75 thousand cases of infection in China. In their view, the transmission of coronavirus from person to person occurs at close contact while communicating at a distance less than one meter. The virus can enter the body through the mouth, nose or eyes, if close to coughing patient. However, he is transmitted by direct contact with infected people or via objects (thermometer, stethoscope). These data are essential for finding effective treatments and prevent the spread COVID-19.

the study also noted that in exceptional cases the transmission of the coronavirus and air, but this is possible only in hospitals, when a patient is connected to devices of artificial ventilation of the lungs (at the moment of disconnecting from it), carried out a tracheostomy, intubation and other similar operations or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

Photo: iStock CPS explained, how to wear reusable masks

In this regard, the conclusion that masks, respirators and other protective equipment needed in the first place physicians in contact with infected. While doctors and nurses must not only be able to use them correctly, but you shouldn’t forget about other methods of hygiene was stressed by the who.