the world health organization (who) published on Tuesday the results of an international study “Behavior of school-age children in relation to health.” In 2017-2018, the experts reviewed data from more than 230 thousand children and adolescents aged 11, 13 and 15 years old from 45 countries.

In Russia were surveyed 4,300 children, and it turned out that since 2014 the number of Russian schoolchildren with excess weight. For example, among 11-year-old girls saw a decline from 19% to 14% among 11-year-old boys from 30% to 27%. Only in the group of 15-year-old girls recorded a slight increase – from 8% to 12%, but this figure is below the average in the study, which is 18%, RIA Novosti reported. Experts note that the percentage of teenagers who consider themselves too fat, has changed little, except for the group of 15-year-old boys (the rise from 18% to 23%).

While in Europe the proportion of adolescents with overweight and obesity. Here this problem is faced by every fifth, and mostly among boys. Every fourth teenager finds herself fat, especially this view is prevalent among girls.

the Reason for excess weight experts call the compliance by adolescents recommendations for nutrition. So, two thirds of children do not eat nutrients in sufficient quantity, every fourth daily eating sweets, and every sixth drink beverages with sugar. In addition, less than 20% of students follow the recommendations of the who guidelines for physical activity.