Currently humanity is in the middle of the first wave of the spread of coronavirus infection, for which with high probability will be followed by a second peak of incidence, said program Director of the world health organization (who) for emergency situations Michael Ryan.

According to him, it can happen at any time, according to RIA Novosti.

The Russians set deadlines for mask mode

A statement by the expert was made at the last briefing in Geneva. He stressed that in each country the number of actual cases COVID-19 – relatively small. Ryan noted that people today are still experiencing the first wave of the pandemic, but after a few months in the world can be registered with a new peak of the pandemic.

“the Disease can jump in any time”, – quotes Agency the words of an expert who.

Ryan added that a similar development was observed in 1919 in a situation with the spread of “Spanish flu”. He stressed that we are not talking about the second wave, and the second peak of incidence. The next wave, he said, can occur in the flu season.

Previously, as reported by “the Rambler”, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the second won of the spread of coronavirus infection may occur in the country from October to November 2020. The head of state urged the experts of the national Ministry of health “to be ready”.