The who has evaluated the possibility of developing immunity to the coronavirus

GENEVA, 27 Jun – RIA Novosti, Elizabeth Isakov. Development of immunity had been ill COVID-19 possible, but it is unknown how strong he is, said at a press conference in Geneva, the head of emergency diseases in the who Maria van Kerkhove.

“We found that people produce antibody response in a week or two after infection. And we are trying to understand what it means. At this moment there are no studies that have linked the presence of antibodies with the production of immunity. So we cannot say that the presence of antibodies tells about the immune system. Having said that, we expect people who have had COVID-19, will receive some level of protection. But we do not know how strong this protection is produced if it is all infected and how long will it last”, she said.

According to her, 4 months after the outbreak of the pandemic, who “cannot say that the presence of antibodies speaks about the immunity.”

“what we are talking about the fact that in this region no evidence indicates that immunity is not produced. It just indicates that such studies have not been conducted”, she said.

the Expert said that the virus COVID-19 also remains quite stable and not mutating.

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