The world health organization (who) opposes the return to the rigid quarantine for preventing the spread of a new type of coronavirus, but does not eliminate such need in some countries, if you do not track outbreaks of disease. This was stated on Friday at a briefing in Geneva, the Director of the who programme on emergency health Michael Ryan.

"We are against the return to full quarantine, but there may be situations when it is the only way out," he said.

"We and many scientists have said that as soon as strict quarantine will end, there will always be a risk of new outbreaks of the disease, and the possibility of transmission of the virus," said Ryan and recalled that the who is always advised to remove the quarantine gradually, to keep track of stats.

"Now it is unlikely that we can completely eliminate this virus," – said the representative of the who and stressed that even on the island States of the disease to return.

"We are concerned about the large clusters of the disease when outbreaks occur and fast transfer, which can cause new lesions," said Ryan, comparing this situation with forest fires. "When hard quarantine is necessary to closely monitor the outbreak and promptly to suppress them," he stressed and called among the most important measures of social isolation, masks, and testing.

"So we can avoid the second wave of the disease and return to the rigid quarantine", – concluded the representative of the who.