the White house said the former assistant to the President for national security John Bolton, in his book, which is forthcoming, there is still information that is regarded as secret. By 19 June Bolton will be given an edited copy of his work.

This information on Wednesday circulated newspaper, The Hill, writes TASS. We are talking about the book “the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house”. She was supposed to come out in March, but its publication was delayed until may, and then postponed to June 23. Earlier, The Washington Post reported that the White house has not given formal consent to the release of the book, which members of the administration delayed due to checking for the presence of state secrets.

the US President Donald trump said that Bolton should not publish the book until the presidential election in November. However, Bolton was confident that was removed from the memoirs of all the data that can be classified, and intends to publish the manuscript at the end of June, even if the White house is against it.

Earlier excerpts from the book of Bolton was leaked to the press, prompting another political scandal in Washington. For example, former presidential aide says that trump really delayed military assistance to Ukraine, expecting in exchange for her political services in the form of investigations against her opponent, Joe Biden..