“The last tyrant of Europe is fighting for its survival”. Exactly like that, and sometimes even the more stringent words of the Western press reacted to the scandal between Russia and Belarus – the detention of dozens of Russians in Minsk. If Lukashenko is counting on the fact that the West will approve of his pressure on Russia, he obviously miscalculated, and the Western media clearly gave him to understand it.

A stranger among us, a stranger among strangers. So it became the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, after he captured a group of Russian employees of PMCs “Wagner”, EN route through the territory of the Republic. Russia’s reaction to such an unfriendly step was obvious, and if anyone in Minsk is thought to compensate for the expense of the praise of the West, this has not happened. The reaction of the Western media by Alexander Lukashenko, the provocation was not complimentary.

the You – us, we – you

One of the traditional for Minsk tools of political blackmail of Russia is a threat “and we will go to the West.” The Belarusian elite has positioned his country as the only window of the Russian Federation to Europe and made it clear that if the Kremlin will not treat Belarus as brothers (that is to subsidize the economy, not demanding anything in return, except for the expression of brotherly love), the Minsk preoriented to the West. Where it will be welcomed with open arms – at least in order to cover the window.

Russian experts in response urged the Belarusian colleagues that the country and its economy may take – but only in order to bring Western economic structure (i.e. liquidation of Belarusian industry, not need Europe), values (Russophobia and the abandonment of a healthy conservatism), as well as democracy. Speaking in plain language in Pro-Western Belarusian state Lukashenko is not the place. It will either be removed in independence, or – as proposed by the authoritative British edition of the Economist – after the elections, which it calls “the right way to get rid of Lukashenko”.

And the current reaction of the Western media on the arrest in Belarus “Russian terrorists” – members of the so-called

PMC Wagner – has only confirmed the correctness of the Russians. After all, if someone in Minsk seemed to demonstrative, rude and treacherous action of Alexander Lukashenko against the semi-official travelling on mission in Africa (or Latin America – now there are different versions) Russians will Western journalists evaluated and approved, it did not happen.

Yes, Lukashenko was reason to hope for the best – after all, he had with the West was something like a honeymoon.

“for a Long time trying to maneuver between Russia and the West for political and economic preferences Alexander Lukashenko in recent months has seriously moved away from Russia – special��but since the visit to Minsk, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, the first U.S. Secretary of state to Belarus since the beginning of 90-ies. Then Washington for the first time in more than ten years appointed Ambassador to Belarus, and both countries declared readiness to improve the previously frozen relations,” – says The New York Times.

By the way, The Wall Street Journal also recognizes that good relations with the West helped the old Man “resist to the Russian pressure” in the further integration of Minsk with Moscow in the framework of the Union state.

of And began a life

However, the honeymoon ended in the moment when Lukashenka turned the presidential election from carefully managed process of demonstrative persecution and suppression of dissent. And the Western media began to actively write about it.

Their attitude to the Belarusian elections can be characterized by the title of the British Times: “the Last tyrant of Europe is fighting for its survival”.

“who served as President for 26 years, Alexander Lukashenko was in a very difficult situation before scheduled for August 9 election. Economic problems and criticism of his approach to denial of coronavirus has hit the level of support among traditional supporters. And for the first time in almost two decades the dictator win back the macho image, opposes a single candidate from the opposition”, – explains a little more polite British Independent.

And when Belarusian authorities arrested the Russians, Western journalists have not changed the tone, changed the temper justice with mercy. They just integrated this detention in General, construct their criticism of Lukashenko – and thereby in effect sided with the Russian authorities, claiming that no one in the Kremlin conspiracy against Lukashenko is not satisfied.

According to “Radio Liberty”, we are talking about the combination of Alexander Lukashenko, “which found a convenient opportunity to discredit and deter the growing opposition movements, as well as for the introduction of more stringent controls in upcoming elections.” The old man has accused two opposition leaders that they supported the planned coup, Western journalists are wondering how the opposition was able to provide this support, if they are now “in prison, the KGB”.

According to another version, voiced by the Western media, this is not about discrediting the opposition, and on the consolidation of the electorate.

“Lukashenka used the threat of foreign intervention from both Russia and the West – in order to create an image of a leader who is best able to protect the country’s sovereignty. And maintenance arrived to Belarus “mercenaries Wagner” will be an ominous signal for voters: if they refuse Lukashenko, the country will go the way of Ukraine”, – writes ed��nie Foreign Policy.

of the Poles will not help

In the text of “Radio Liberty” discussed the idea that detention is a signal to not only Russia and the opposition, but also the West. Lukashenko is preparing for a possible large-scale protests, which will suppress as best he can – that is power. And to the West was outraged, he hinted that the old Man resists Russian attempts to organize a coup in Belarus. But if logically to develop this hint, Lukashenka offers Western partners act as a counterbalance to Russian influence in Belarus.

That’s just the West rejects this proposal. Partly because I do not believe in the possibility of separation of Belarus from Russia, and partly because it is not willing to tacitly support the actions of the Belarusian authorities ‘ violent dispersal of protests after drawn thence by the electoral Commission of the results of such a controversial presidential election on 9 August.

For Europeans and Americans the game is not worth it – after all, if they turn away from Pro-Western opposition in Belarus, it will take into account the other allies from among the residents of post-Soviet States. And it hardly will add to their enthusiasm in the struggle against local regimes and Russian influence in these States.

And then the Belarusian authorities might understand the simple truth that the States and Europe is not ready to improve relations with Belarus on “the Saudi principle of” no intervention in internal Affairs. This Riyadh with its oil and money is so important for the West to ignore dismemberment, on the orders of the crown Prince of Saudi American journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Belarusian old Man does not forgive even the persecution of Pro-Western opposition.

If you do not understand, I will again fall into the plug – like the current story of “vagnerovsky”, from which Minsk now we need to try to get out with minimal losses.

“the Release of the soldiers without a trial would be contrary to its earlier statements, and will be a slap in the face to Ukraine, and the United States imposed sanctions against a number of organizations Wagner for their attempts to interfere in the Affairs of foreign countries. The attempt to blame them would anger Russia,” writes Foreign Policy.