The “summer home of the Stars” is to Sexhöhle of Wendlers. Otherwise, you can’t believe the first episode of the 2019er edition of the celebrity Show.

Yet it was not for coitus, but the 47-year-old pop star can’t talk about anything other than Sex with his 29 years younger girlfriend Laura Müller (18) and the same from the first encounter with his new roommates.

“For the first Time Sex in the summer house”

in the new celebrity-WG arrived, grabs Michael Wendler and his big plans for the coming weeks. He asks Kate whiting (31), the girlfriend of the “Caught in the Act”-singer Benjamin Boyce (50): “you Mean, you can leave for two weeks, the Finger of you? Our Plan was to go to the toilet.” A response receives Wendler, but actually, he seems to only want a monologue about his Lust and continues: “We hope that it comes to Sex. So, I hope. What watch happens. It’s not me. I can always be.” Wendler, who has a 17-year-old daughter, continued: “It could well be that there is, for the first Time in the history of summer house Sex in the house”, he knocks on the shoulder. In the next scene, you see how he’s doing right gossip-noise.

What says the 18-year-old schoolgirl to do this? “Schaaaaatz!”, want to bring your 47-year-old Lover to Silence, while she clings to his Arm. What, however, is your Standard attitude. “She is a monkey, such as a Clamp,” says the couple Bartsch on Wendlers new girlfriend. The only Time it deviates from his side, vomiting is to nocturnal – which is of course equal to the Top rumor in the “summer home of the Stars” Is Laura pregnant? More than a rumour, it’s not supposed to be. In the meantime, has discovered the 18-Year-old to words, and the pregnancy is denied.

And knew the producers of “RTL”, that is “she loves the DJ”singer just got his Horny-Teenager-Phase power, Sex is also the subject of the first in-house Challenge. While Laura and the rest of the need to balance a hanging in the air platform with your weight, you will be charged at the same time Quiz questions. “In what percentage of Sex is already 15 minutes over? A: 41%, B: 71 Percent.” Michael taps on B, but it is wrong. But hey, all the more reason to keep his own sex life in a further monologue.

“let’s be honest: Want to have a wife 30 or 40 minutes of Sex? At some point the woman can no longer. Then everything is already sore scrubbed.” Is it the other way: “We make five Times in a row, so the 15 minutes are with us very differently, of all things.” If Laura is happy, he asks you. “Yes, I’m with his stamina satisfied.” A stallion, the Wendler.

Not only Laura must be turned on sucks

the Details of The sex lives between a 47-Year-old and an 18 – Year-olds give “RTL” is a really cool Quote-2.96 million viewers on Tuesday. On Twitter the User from gagging yourself duly about Michael Wendler. (rgl)