After a Friday with wind, hail, and sleet can the thermometer at the weekend reach the double-digit figures, says DMI.

The much-needed walks outside under the coronakrisen will be extra nice this coming weekend.

Here, Denmark will have temperatures up to 15 degrees, said meteorologist at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) Lars Henriksen on Friday morning.

Friday will be a typical spring day with fresh to strong winds from the west. But on Saturday and Sunday the weather becomes something richer and warmer, ” says Lars Henriksen.

Before the warm spring weather can be enjoyed in the weekend, to Friday’s somewhat windy weather get over with.

Here can come strong gusts of gale force winds, and there will be showers with either hail or sleet, ” says Lars Henriksen.

– There will be little or no sun in the entire country, with temperatures between four and eight degrees. The weather will be best in the north, where it also becomes the most dry and sunny, he says.

on Saturday if the temperature rises to between six and nine degrees, and it will be predominantly nice weather, ” says Lars Henriksen.

Forårsfornemmelserne culminates on Sunday, where the temperature can reach 15 degrees, and where there is a great deal of sun.

It is the varmehungrende danes to thank a high pressure to the east of Denmark, says Lars Henriksen.

– A high-pressure start in the weekend to go south of Denmark and east of us. When højtrykkene is located to the east of Denmark, pumps the hot air up from the south.

And down in Europe, the countries are starting to get warmer weather, ” says Lars Henriksen.

the Heat will continue Monday, when the thermometer can reach 20 degrees.