The weather center warned of the arrival of an unusual anticyclone

“It is also called blocking. If this anticyclone was a long time in winter would be very severe frost: -28…-30 degrees. But if he in the summer (in July) came, the heat in Moscow has passed in 30-degree mark, – told the “Russian newspaper” scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand. But because it is set up now and will exist for this and maybe next week, there will be a very large temperature amplitude. In other words, at night in the anticyclone and clear skies there is a strong cooling of the air. We expect that in the first half of the week at night will be minus 5-10 degrees.”

Photo: Ilya Timin/RIA Novosti The “Phobos” called the unusual cause of the unusually warm winter

Gradually the night temperatures will rise, but they still will be negative. But daytime temperatures will be good. If in the beginning of the week the center of the country will be in a cold part of the anticyclone, in the middle of the week will be in the center of the anticyclone, and in the second half of the week in the Western part. And there already is dominated by South winds. By the end of the week the temperature will exceed the norm by 5-6 degrees. So if Monday is still about zero degrees, then Tuesday will begin warming. The sunlight is intense, and the sky cloudless anticyclone. So will be a good warm-up air. Tuesday will be already +5, Wednesday – plus 7-8 degrees, and on Friday afternoon, the air can be warmed up to +13…+15 degrees. And on Saturday, too.

How long the heat will depend on the speed of the destruction of the anticyclone. “Predicted that the heat will be set to the end of the month. Before April 1, the cyclone will exist”, – Vilfand has promised.