The weather center warned of snow at the week

As told to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand, Sunday, March 29, will be the last really warm day of spring. Extensive anticyclone collapses, and in the night of Monday, sharply colder.

Photo: iStock the meteorologist gave a weather forecast from April to September

If on Sunday afternoon in the Metropolitan area and more +13…+15 degrees in the night of Monday the temperature will drop to low minus. Will start precipitation – snow and rain. The same weather will continue on Monday afternoon. In the night of Tuesday may freeze to minus 7 degrees. On Tuesday afternoon not above + 4 degrees. Projected snow. From Wednesday the weather will begin to improve. Nevertheless, no +15 no question. While the projected maximum of +5 on Wednesday.

“A relaxed after supertall winter and was looking forward to what spring will be the same. But nature is not fooled. March has always been considered a very volatile month. While steady heat can not speak,” – said Vilfand. But it is advised to start sunbathing. After the vernal equinox the sun is already well warms. And if to be outdoors on a Sunny day, it is possible to sunbathe. But before water treatment is still far away. In order for the water to warm up, it is necessary that the temperature of the air at least a week and a day and night was above plus 20 degrees.