When Phillip Faber does not sing the song on tv, studying he history of music and goes on monsterjagt with his son.

That sounds bright tones and deep voices from the balconies and backyards each morning during the decommissioning of the society, when the danes sing the song along with the tv-host and the password is too short Phillip Faber on DR1.

He will not even held very easter holiday, but there is time to read, cook and play in the forest with his son August in the two and a half years.

What are you doing in the easter holidays, and who are you with?

– I should be with my wife and my boy, like I’ve been the last few weeks, and then I make the morning song every morning.

– I am going to work a lot in the daytime, because we must produce a part, so there is not so much the holiday.

What are you doing outdoors?

– We may be running in the cottage. We live in the Carlsberg City in Copenhagen, so my son and I have been on the monsterjagt in the Park the other day.

– We live in the city, but it’s so nice to notice that ever since my boy started to go, so he has been so happy to be in the woods. So we should definitely also out and mark any forest.

What are you doing indoors?

– I’m studying Tchaikovsky’s six symphonies. It is so incredibly beautiful music, and it’s nice for me with an overview and a comparison across.

– I have also found some colored tape, which we’ve had lying around for a hundred years. Then I made a path to the August on the floor with a start and slutpil. At each arrow there was a task that he had to solve: run on scooters, jump up on the couch or find a letter, which I had saved.

– So he ran around the house in a mixture of a kind of børneagility, a little learning and orienteering. So, there was a little wine gums on the last arrow as a prize. The next step is to make it so he can implement it.

you Have thrown you over some new projects while you have been at home?

– I bake the buns, and I put twice as long to cook, so I do it along with August. So my wife may get a bit of peace, while August and I slices, cuts and svitser. It is a nice thing to do together.

– My wife has thrown himself over boglæsning, and it inspires me also. I love to read nonfiction, but I’m really bad to keep the concentration in a novel.

– It is strange, but I must be able to sit with a pencil and put the lines as I read. If I can sit down and work with it, so I can eat me through all the books.

What do you do in general to keep the spirits up?

– For me, the week a skeleton, because we are sending in the morning. It is a big help for me, that we have a fixed schedule, and so we eat also at home at fixed times. So we have made square agreements, which is really lovely, so the days don’t flow together.

– My boy is also a big inspiration, for he is so happy. He has a good mood as a basic form. That we as a people can be as happy and open as a starting point, it inspires me. He is so funny, so he is to keep the momentum.

What is the first thing you will do when the world looks normal again?

– I go and write on an unconscious krammeliste, for there are some who must have the world’s largest hug. At the top of the list is my father, I think.

– Then I also have checked in with my four siblings, and my close family. It is really weird not to be able to see each other.

– When my colleagues and I have produced, and we have made something good, so you stand there and look at each other while waving, spritter hands and go home. So they must also have a big hug.