The Washington Post (USA): American officials told Bernie Sanders that Russia is trying to help him in his campaign

American officials said Senator Bernie Sanders (Bernie Sanders) that Russia is trying to help him in his election campaign in seeking to intervene in the democratic primaries. This was told by officials familiar with the situation.

According to these sources, who agreed to give an interview on condition of anonymity, President of Donald trump and congressmen also has informed that Russia is trying to assist the Senator from Vermont.

it is unknown what form this took help. American prosecutors came to the conclusion that in 2016 Russia used social networks to strengthen the position of Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton, as part of its larger campaign designed to hurt Clinton, to sow discord in the ranks of the American electorate and to promote the election of Donald trump.

“I don’t care who [Russian President Vladimir] Putin wants to see the President — said Sanders in a statement. My message to Putin is clear: don’t interfere in American elections, and as President I will do everything that you are unable to intervene.”

“In 2016, Russia has used distributed in the Internet propaganda to sow discord in our country, and, as I understand it, they do it again in 2020. Quite possibly, part of the nasty content on the Internet attributed to our campaign, comes not from real supporters”.

information about the fact that Russia supports the Sanders, came after last week a senior American intelligence official told Congress that Russia wants to trump re-elected, considering his administration more acceptable to the interests of the Kremlin.

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during the closed briefing that intelligence officials gave members of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives, congressmen reported that Sanders was informed about the intervention of Russia. The prospect of two rival election campaign will receive support from Moscow, apparently, reflects the fact that the us intelligence officials have previously described as Russia’s desire to sow discord within the United States and distrust of the American electoral system.

At a rally in Nevada on Friday, February 21, trump called the reports that Putin wants to help him, “misinformation”.

“Isn’t he rather have Bernie, who spent their honeymoon in Moscow?” — said trump, referring to the visit of Senator in the former Soviet Union.

After the edition of the Washington Post published an article about a briefing for members of the house of representatives, Sanders told reporters that he received information about what is happening “about a month ago.” On the question of why Sanders didn’t report it, he replied: “Because I attend a lot of briefings intelligence about the content that I do not misleading the public.”

Sanders told almost no details about what he said the officials.

“it Was unclear what role they were going to play, he said, referring to Russia. — We announced that Russia and the posszhno, some other countries are going to intervene in the course of this election campaign. And that’s what I can tell Russia not to meddle in American elections.”

the question about why information about the briefing appeared now, that is, a month later, Sanders said, “I would suggest you to think about this: was the day before the meeting of activists of the Democratic party in Nevada. Why do you think it became known of it just now?”

Sanders pointed to a reporter for the Washington Post newspaper and said with undisguised sarcasm: “This was the edition of the Washington Post? Our good friends”.

“We report the news as soon as we get them,” said Christine Koratti (Kristine Coratti), the representative edition of the Washington Post.

Official FBI spokesman refused to comment on the situation. Representatives of the office of the Director of national intelligence did not respond to our request comment.

Conclusion of the intelligence community that Russia would prefer to see the head of the United States of trump, offended the President. Tramp sharply reprimanded Joseph Maguire (Joseph Maguire), who at that time held the position of acting Director of national intelligence, and the staff of the Director of national intelligence for the fact that they gave this information to the congressmen. According to trump, the Democrats can use this information against him during the election campaign.

According to one senior administration official, the President said that Russia is also trying to sow discord among Democrats and wants to influence the democratic primaries. Intelligence officials also told the Tramp that Russia wants to help Sanders, said this source, otkazovrush announce when Trump gave this information.

Sanders repeatedly warned about the threat of foreign interference in American elections and criticized trump for what he is not taking enough effort to prevent it.

“Let’s be clear: we should not live in denial, allowing Russia and other States to undermine our democracy and alienate us, — said the Senator in January. — Russia uses the differences that exist in our society. We will work to resolve these differences.”

Opponents of Sanders accused some of his most active supporters in the use of toxic rhetoric on the eve of the primaries. During the debate, candidates from the Democratic party, which took place on Wednesday, February 19 in Las Vegas, Sanders has indirectly blamed Russia, saying that, quite possibly, hostile actors are trying to manipulate social networks to foment disagreements between Democrats.

“we All remember the year 2016. We remember that Russia and the other attempted to interfere in our elections and to divide us, ‘ said Sanders. — I’m not saying that this is happening again, but it wouldn’t surprise”.

the Last few weeks, opponents of Sanders expressed concern with the behavior of his supporters, accusing them of aggressive attacks on influential Union in Nevada, who criticized the proposed Sanders plan for the development of the health system and said that the Senator is not doing enough to control the rhetoric of his ardent supporters in the network.

In response to this Senator tried to distance himself from similar statements of his supporters, and several times publicly expressed prepolojenie that this online rhetoric may come not from real supporters of Sanders.

Friday, February 21, Sanders spent in California, and he planned to end today in Nevada at the evening rally, which was supposed to help him strengthen the position on the eve of Saturday’s Congress of activists of the Democratic party.

Despite the skepticism trump the attempts of Russia to undermine the foundations of American democracy, officials of his administration have repeatedly warned that Russia plans to interfere in the American elections and enhance the differences between the Americans within the framework of its strategy aimed at weakening the position of the United States in the world. According to some analysts, the Kremlin’s goal is to provoke the most severe split within the United States, and hackers and trolls support the candidates for the American elections, guided by this goal, not some special sympathy towards certain people.

“Russia’s Attempts to sow discord in the run-up to the democratic primaries fit in its strategy to undermine the trust of Americans for democratic institutions and processes, said Laura Rosenberger (Rosenberger Laura), who previously worked at the national security Council under the Obama administration, and now is an expert on election security at the Alliance for the defence of democracy (Alliance for Democracy Securing). — We have seen Russian sources consistently promoted the idea that the results of the primaries rigged and that the “establishment” prefers one of the candidates, and hinders others.”

“while many of us warned that the Russians may try to sow discord and contention in PreddvorAI the democratic primaries, as they did in 2016,” said Rosenberger.

In the past, Russia has tried to help Sanders.

In the indictment, which is in February 2018, U.S. prosecutors opposed the 13 Russian citizens and three Russian companies alleged to be involved in the development and implementation of campaigns in social networks in 2016, she pointed out that this group “took part in operations that aim to spread compromising information about Hillary Clinton and other candidates such as Ted Cruz (Ted Cruz) and Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio), and on the support of Bernie Sanders and then-candidate Donald trump”.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller also suggested that the Russian government in cooperation with intentionally WikiLeaks published emails stolen from the servers of the Democratic party, on the eve of the national Democratic Convention in July 2016, to enhance the differences within the party and a sense of discontent among supporters of Sanders.

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