this will upgrade heating systems, worn by more than half, to lay a new 12-kilometre heating mains, and also to reconstruct the plant. The site must increase the capacity of the units (now they produce mostly electricity) and upgrade the water treatment equipment.

According to preliminary estimates, the implementation of the project within two years will require about two and a half billion public and private investment.

“as a result, in the city for the heating season 2021-2022 year actually should be a new, more qualitative, safe and ecological heating system, with smart technologies for the diagnosis of pipes, with modern digital complex scheduling and control. This will increase the comfort of the urban environment and improve the business climate. Given that tariffs for heat for consumers will decrease,” – noted in the power company.

a Similar effect is expected in Kuzbass and the creation of industrial and energy complex on the territory of prokopyevsky urban Okrug. A corresponding agreement on social and economic cooperation, the regional government has recently concluded with a group of companies engaged in repair of railway cars.

As said the President of group of companies Konstantin Goncharov in Kuzbass is expected to start production of solid-rolled wagon wheels, which now have to be purchased abroad. Industrial-energy complex should include the metallurgical area, coal mine and thermal power plant with a capacity of over 100 MW.

the result will be unnecessary sixteen of the seventy of the old municipal boiler-houses, which did not improve the environment. According to rough estimates, the consumption of coal for heating of the municipality will be reduced by 50 thousand tons, and emissions into the atmosphere of the city – fifteen percent. Prokopcuka will receive reduced fees for utility services, but also six thousand new jobs are high skilled and well paid.

the use of modern technologies in the energy sector of Kuzbass coal-mining focus for a long time. For two decades in the region, according to local government, reconstructed nearly sixty antediluvian boiler room, which was more smoked than warmed the house, social and other objects. And it was not economically profitable. By the way, the length of the heating region for the same years increased by ten percent to almost four thousand kilometers. Low-power and boiler rooms were and a half times less – 955. At least thirty of them already scheduled to close over the next two years.