As predicted by “Kommersant”, the Vyborg shipbuilding plant signed a contract and laid the patrol icebreaker for the FSB. The groundbreaking ceremony took place at the shipyard on July 25. For the plant specialized in commercial shipbuilding, this will be the first military order. However, the customer does not exclude that can be built another ship.Vyborg shipyard (VSZ) of the United shipbuilding Corporation (USC) laid a patrol boat for FSB, the corresponding ceremony was held at the shipyard. That the company is prepared to order, “Kommersant” reported on 27 January. We are talking about the patrol icebreaker project 23550, the first two ships on a similar project being built at Admiralty shipyards for the Navy. As wrote “Kommersant”, the contract is worth about 20 billion roubles, the vehicle must be delivered to the customer in 2024. Interlocutors “” in the industry do not exclude that in the future ZDF to continue the series of ships.”Huge resources of the Russian Federation in the Arctic, developing the Northern sea route, the increased attention of foreign countries to this area of Russia require capacity-ship groups in order to ensure security tasks of the state”,— said during the groundbreaking ceremony for the vessel, the first Deputy Director of FSB, the head of the Border service Vladimir Kulishov. He added that the ship will be equipped with the aircraft sector. “Implementing a program of rearmament of the fleet, units of the coast guard. Today, the staffing of the modern ships and boats is 68%, we still have the reserve,” said Mr. Kuleshov.”Probably, suggests the two ships. In each of the Arctic management (Eastern and Western.— “B”) — the icebreaker,” said Mr. Kuleshov, “b”, answering the question, how many ships can contract the client, without specifying the performer. The General Director of design Bureau “Almaz” Alexander Shlyakhtenko believes that ZDF can build two such ships.Ships of ice class Arc7 project 23550 designed CB “Diamond”, can function as a tugboat, icebreaker and patrol ship to break ice of up to 1.7 m. the Length of icebreakers — about 114 m, width — about 20 m, draught — 6 m, capacity of 15 MW, a displacement of about 9 thousand tons, a speed of about 18 knots. Head breaker “Ivan Papanin” was laid at the Admiralty shipyards in April 2017, the first production of “Nikolai Zubov” in November 2019. Deadlines for fleet — 2023 and 2024, respectively. Ships designed for the protection of Arctic water resources, transport and towing in the port of detained ships, and support vessels. The interlocutors “Kommersant” noted that the composition of the weapons in order for the FSB and construction of icebreakers for the Navy may be different, because the primary function of the new vehicle will be PUAna boundaries.Kommersant’s sources say that originally the main contender for the execution of the order was a private shipbuilding company “Almaz” (to the same KB is not relevant). The company, located in Petersburg, specializiruetsya on the construction of high-speed vessels and ships of aluminum-magnesium alloys. In recent years the shipyard were building for the Navy floating cranes, and patrol border patrol ships for the FSB. This is the first military order VSZ, the Builder only built civilian ships, icebreakers, supply vessels, fishing trawlers, as well as drilling platforms for offshore fields. Revenue VSZ in 2019 was reduced by more than 1.5 times to 5 billion rubles, the net loss increased 3.2 times and amounted to 1.7 billion rubles. the Financial position of the VSZ is causing the auditors have doubts about the continuity of the activities of the plant, as the value of the net assets of the shipyard for the last three years is less than the share capital and has a negative value (see “Kommersant-SPb” may 25). Now at the shipyard contracted eight trawlers with a total value of 22.4 billion rubles, the Timing of their construction are shifted to the right, ZDF has repeatedly stressed that the company has problems, including due to accumulated debts from previous years (see “Kommersant” on March 16). According to “Kommersant”, the government has already taken the decision to write off 30 billion rubles obligations of USC, will also be restructured credits to 38 billion rubles (see “Kommersant” on may 15). Interlocutors “” do not exclude that in the list of heals enterprises will include ZDF.Yana Voitsekhovskaya, St. Petersburg; Anastasia Vedeneeva