Shortly after the end of the Second world war, in July 1947, it is finally so far: The Swiss voting population, consisting at the time only made up of men, decides, with an overwhelming eighty percent with the introduction of the old – age and survivors ‘ insurance. It has taken a long time, until it worked with the new social insurance finally. Almost thirty years earlier, during the country strikes of 1918, had called for the workforce, the introduction of the AHV.

Dear AHV, as a strike

An important reason for the significant approval was for sure, the Second world war, the people still in the bone sass. A film of the Union advertising action Committee for the AHV shows the possible consequences of social imbalance: street protests, long queues in front of the labour office, Hitler and Mussolini, to incite the masses. Equal to the luminous figure of General Henri Guisan, appealed to the solidarity of the Swiss. This is precisely where the creation of the AHV picks up, so the clever message.

During the Second world war had changed the political climate in Switzerland, which long had been dominated by the liberals.
So about 1943 Ernst Nobs of the first social Democrat was elected to the state government. Wide circles were now, with the help of social compensation, that the effects of the Second world war, not as those of the First world war in Labour disputes and in a country strike resulted.

In the period before the introduction of the AHV, the Situation of the people in the age was still strong, what profession they had exercised. While farmers were able to live on the farm, it was the elderly workers is usually not possible with their children. Many landed, therefore, on the welfare or in the poorhouse.

reforms and

in Addition, in the First world war still no purchase of a replacement order for the soldiers existed in the active service, which had led to the families of the conscripted men to great Distress. That was in the Second world war is different. There’s also already a System for the collection of contributions, which could be applied to the AHV.

However, The first old-age pensions, which were paid out after the Second world war, were still very low. The minimum pension amounted to forty francs per month, which corresponded to about ten percent of the salary for the industrial workers got at the time. The low level of pensions led many people to pursue, in spite of retirement age to continue an activity or to care had to. The women’s pension age was still 65 years.

Until 1975, the old-age pensions were increased in eight of the act revisions significantly, they rose to 35 per cent of the current wage. In particular, during the popular SP Federal councillor Hans-Peter Tschudi in the government of sass (1960 to 1973), emerged as the AHV is the most important social insurance in Switzerland. He has inspired with his legendary Tschudi-the pace of the people, as a manuscript proves that they found in his personal correspondence. A Pink Bertschin had composed to the tune of “O Tannenbaum” is an ode to the old-age insurance, and to him the lyrics of a song sent to you. The first line went like this: “O AHV, would You be more, we would miss You, of Gottlet and pork tenderloin is no more talk about never (…), s’there was just a pussy lschnitten.” Many people with a low income had at that time, no pension Fund, the AHV enabled them to stand the ages a bit.

Fairer, but hit

Pink Bertschins hymn of gratitude. The women were at a disadvantage in the case of the AHV for a long time. You received from the creation of the social insurance in 1948, in the case of a death of a spouse a widow’s pension, and there was also an orphan’s pension. But, for example, the pensions of a married couple were paid for a long time at the head of the family, so the man. And education years, there was no AHV. These injustices have been eradicated in the nineties, in several steps, for example, by the fact that newly emerging couple, pensions were equally and separately to the man and woman paid. Or education credits.

For 20 years now, Save for the old-age insurance announced. Reasons for the slower economic growth, on the other hand, the demographics are on the one hand, more and more people are getting older and older. This development also led to a reform blockage. The 11 failed. AHV-Revision in 2004, the Referendum of the unions and the Left. And in September of 2017, a template shipwreck that wanted to associate a Reform of the AHV with a Reform of the pension Fund suffered. This Time, bourgeois circles and trade unionists brought the project together.

The template, the on 19. May be put to the vote, don’t want to miss the AHV by means of corporate tax reform, a financial syringe of a year, two billion Swiss francs. However, in the case of a Yes, further reforms remain necessary, because since 2014 expenditure and revenue are no longer in the case of the AHV in the balance. And the Situation is getting worse according to the Federal Council increasingly. He has in the pipeline, therefore, the next Revision: in the medium term, the retirement age should be raised to 65, in addition, the VAT is to rise in favor of the old-age insurance. Whether the template is assumed to be in may or not, The AHV will remain in the next years a political bone of contention.

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