“A shrill, colorful bird that tries to spread a good mood” – these are the words Sarah Barelly uses to describe herself. She has been a successful travesty artist in Hamburg for 16 years. Now the 34-year-old is looking for a new challenge and has therefore applied for the twelfth season of “The Voice of Germany”. And who could coach them better than rocker Peter Maffay? In the fifth blind audition, he was not only surprised by Barelly’s presentation, but also by an old friend…

“I’m probably not the biggest voice in Germany. But with my character I have the opportunity to convey a message that people think even more colorfully,” said Barelly, before she performed a ballad version of the Sportfreunde-Stiller hit “Ein Compliment”. Ironically, Peter Maffay was the first to buzz – and was amazed when his chair turned around. “That was a huge surprise. Brilliant,” he laughed. “There is nothing to add or criticize about the lecture. I had to push the button because I like the sound of his voice.”

In addition to Maffay, Forster had also turned around. The matter seemed already scratched when Barelly’s niece, who is a big Mark Forster fan, was allowed to shake hands with her idol – but then Barelly let the cat out of the bag: “When I was 14, I had an idol myself. I had a favorite series and it was called ‘Tabaluga’. And ‘I never wanted to grow up’ is always the closing number in my program…”

Mark Forster, realizing he didn’t stand a chance, grabbed the niece and watched from the side of the stage as Barelly and Maffay sang “I never wanted to grow up” together. “My childhood dream came true, I was allowed to sing this song with Peter Maffay, and that was the best thing ever,” enthused Barelly and of course went to “Team Peter”.

“I think I slightly underestimated the impact that Peter Maffay has on this country. Legend doesn’t describe it enough,” Rea Garvey marveled afterwards. “Rea, thank you for the compliment, but that word legend is not my word,” Maffay replied. “I always feel like legends are dead and I never want to take that for myself. But it makes me really happy when I hear stories like that – ‘I grew up with Tabaluga’.”

Franziska Kleinert also has a special connection to Peter Maffay: in 1989 he recorded the duet “Let yourself go” with her. The fact that she applied to “The Voice” this year and that he was on the jury was like “when everything falls into place,” said the 53-year-old, who sang “Barefoot on the Piano” by AnnenMayKantereit. To her delight, not only Mark Forster buzzed, but also Maffay himself. He hadn’t even recognized his former duet partner’s voice.

“Peter! Maybe it rings. 30 years back,” she said, quoting a lyric from the song. Maffay grinned and approached her. “What’s happening now? Are they kissing?” Forster teased. And because he suspected that it would be difficult for him again, he gave it his all: He sat down at the piano, first sang “Kogong” and then “I’ll drink to you”. But it didn’t help.. “That was super nice. But there is no other way,” says the candidate and also went to Maffay.

Also progressing in the fifth blind audition was Nadine Traoré, who delighted with a cool bass solo and joined Team Mark, the “King Twins” Lukas

This time there were four buzzers for Tami Rahman (Team Rea) and her ballad version of “Teenage Dirtback” and the somewhat planned-looking Jörg Lornsen from Lübeck, who, according to Stefanie Kloß, built a world with his voice that she couldn’t get out of wanted to get out more and then consequently went into her team. And Luan Huber from Switzerland was also able to convince all four coaches with “Beggin'” by Måneskin.

“It’s old school and fresh at the same time,” enthused Mark Forster, while Rea Garvey tried to convince him with a confused speech. Luan chose Stefanie Kloß, and Rea Garvey was only left with a swipe from Forster: “Next time, make sure that what you say makes sense. So the second sentence has to have something to do with the first sentence,” Forster teased. “Otherwise I will intervene immediately in the future!”

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