The Vladimir school was not ready for distance learning

COVID-19 has helped to identify strengths and weaknesses in the education system in Vladimir region. As it turned out, the transition to distance learning was not ready, not only some teachers but also schools as well as parents and children. For a number of reasons: slow Internet in remote areas of the region and the inadequate training of the teaching staff of schools and universities, including low Internet literacy, reports GTRK “Vladimir”.

Only in the Vladimir region about four hundred schools, and only about a hundred of them have applied for distance learning. However, in the opinion of the Vice-rector for Informatization Vladimir Institute of education development Victoria Polyakova, is a good opportunity to upgrade digital skills.

“the Teachers in this situation are caught off guard. Of course, the education development Institute has long been engaged in training teachers for e-learning and distance learning, but, alas, not all teachers take these courses. At the moment we opened several sites in the pilot schools. According to the plans, the work we had to complete the work by 2024. However, because of the complications of the situation, it is necessary to accept emergency measures” – says Victoria Polyakova.

Text: GTRK “Vladimir”