The virus will not work: in Russia want to let the drone sanitizer

the Spread of coronavirus causes to resort to serious measures to disinfect public spaces – and if need be, and city streets. To this end, Russia can create a special vehicle with an unmanned operation, which will be spraying an antiseptic.

if necessary, the unmanned vehicle sanitizer for sanitation of the city streets, you can create in just a few months. About the Agency RIA Novosti said the representative of NTI “Avtonet” Yaroslav Fedoseev. This drone to combat COVID-19 will not require a large financial investment, as all technologies are already available.

“In fact – this is a common unmanned vehicle equipped with a spray system. The car will move down the street without people and transport, processing evenly antiseptic streets,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

to Design a car sanitizer, according to Fedoseyev, in the state of any of the major Russian companies that work with the technology of unmanned vehicles, for example, “Yandex” or MADI.

Although the subject in such a project interested in NPO “STARLINE”, which specializiruetsya unmanned technology, automation and telematics. The company has already explained that there are two concept car sanitizer. In the first case, since disinfection is carried out on an empty blocked off the streets, we need only to create a digital terrain model. That is, Dodge other cars and pedestrians the drone is not necessary, which simplifies the problem.

the Second possible option involves remote control of a vehicle by a group of operators. Embodied the idea in developing a real machine for disinfection, will show the time and rate of spread of the coronavirus. However, as the experience of Hubei province, where street cars-disinfectors already used this method – it is not superfluous.

Photo: New China TV

Text: Avtovesti