In the world of social networks is not the first week to discuss women leaders. Popular collage of photos includes German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in power since 2005. It often sets off Jacinda Ardern — brunette with a radiant smile, in 2017 became the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and a year later — mom. Next to her was a mother of three, scholar and journalist Katrin Jakobsdottir, Prime Minister of Iceland. Another person, now from another continent Cai Inven — President of the partially recognized Republic of China on Taiwan. And finally, one after another, the Prime Ministers of the three Scandinavian States — Norway Erna, Solberg, Dane Mette Frederiksen Finnish Sanna Marin, who headed the government of his country as much in 34 years.They all share not only the floor. As it turns out, they lead the country better than fighting the coronavirus. But is it possible in this connection to speak about the emerging new global trends — women’s leadership in the fight against the pandemic?This question, apparently, and is haunted by the social media users rushed to talk about a special women’s potential in the confrontation with the coronavirus.”For these women, the people — as their child, whom they are trying to defend and protect them from adversity, says one of the users of social networks.— Women have a nature to protect their children, even in the animal world, you can watch how certain animals try to protect their young. They instinctively feel the approach of danger and somewhere inside you know the consequences!” “My personal opinion— continues another— women leaders doing so much better than the vaunted “alpha males” who are capable only splash of oil in blazing the global economy!”Moreover, in broad strokes, the journalists enthusiastically paint a flattering image of the female head, which I’d like to read, treat it to me: strong, honest relations with his people. This woman has empathy, is open to new solutions and listening to the experts. Competent — after all, to climb up, it took more effort and energy than male colleagues. And modest to the same: in one study, like a psychologist Teresa Houston American Forbes, 71% of male participants were assured that they are smarter than the average American, while among women this was supported by only 57%.Of the two hundred States run by women, only a tenth share of them, and I would like to believe that they do have some special qualities that allow them to block coronavirus troubles his own people, as they must be, would have obscured their child.And yet, no matter how exciting or seem wandering the vast world of networking a new theory, search for causal relationship between success in combating the epidemic and the guidance given in caring female hands, it seems not more relevant than a discussion of who the leaders would be smarter, blondes or brunettes.That’s just one of the facts that explains a lot: in the ranking of countries by the efficiency of the medical system (.pdf), compiled by the world health organization, women-led country is from 11 th to 41 th place (Russia in this ranking, incidentally, only on 130-m a place). In the IMF ranking in terms of GDP per capita our “magnificent seven” is in the top thirty. The average life expectancy in these countries exceeds 80 years.But that’s not all. In the corruption perception index of Transparency International, Denmark and New Zealand tied for first place, Taiwan — 28-m, Iceland — on the 11th, the rest in the top ten. Similar situation with freedom of the press: Taiwan on 43rd place, the rest — among the first 15 countries. Finally, according to the world report on happiness (there are such), these countries fall within the first 25 lines of the list of “lucky” (.pdf).All this does not guarantee happiness for all. No ratings of well-being, and women’s leadership, alas, are not protection against coronavirus. But in such countries the patient has more chance to rise from his hospital bed, and the woman — to lead the country.