on June 21 came the presidential decree on state awards for doctors. The head physician of clinic in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko, the chief of medicine 52 hospital Maryana Lysenko, the head physician of the St. Petersburg Pokrovskaya hospital Marina Baholdina, chief physician of the Nizhny Novgorod hospital N 29 Julia Gurevsky and physician of the Center of hygiene and epidemiology in the Kaliningrad region Irina Koval Vladimir Putin awarded the title of Hero of labour of the Russian Federation. Thousands of workers received other awards.

on Saturday in a videoconference Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the medical staff. “We are really proud of, I admire your behavior, your professional feat”, he said. From the earliest days doctors were at the forefront, continually risked his health and did everything I could, brought losses to a minimum. “The sacrificial heroism of health workers in epidemic will forever go down in the history of our medicine, and in General our country, as well as the valiant service of doctors and nurses in the Crimean war, the First world war and the great Patriotic war”, – said the President.

Putin has made a gift to doctors: supplements to wages should be taken into account when calculating holiday pay, regardless of when during the year the specialist goes on vacation. He instructed to keep the payments increased vacation doctors constantly monitored to avoid failures. “Thanks to the efforts of the whole society, the responsibility of citizens and, of course, for your heroic work, the epidemic begins to recede. But the fight against it continues,” – said the head of state, and proposed to retain all of the Federal and regional payments of allowances to health workers who continue to work with patients with coronavirus, in July and August. You also need to encourage students who have worked with patients with the coronavirus, including benefits and preferences for further education in the specialty, he said.

In the near future there will be a vaccine for the coronavirus that counts Putin. Russia already has medicine – the best in the world for quality of use, clean. This indicates a high level of science, praised the President. Help the capital regions the head of state called extremely important mission. “We need to curb, to suppress the infection in the regions, and we mean the experience of Moscow, we believe that this can be done effectively in the near future”, – Putin said. The President also noted the mobility of the health system and the high level of training. The situation can pass with minimal losses, he estimated.

Vladimir Putin said that Moscow “has experienced a very unsettling months, without exaggeration”. “We agreed with the mayor Sobyanin that the additional beds that are created, you to close them while in Moscow will not. But re-profiled medical institution inredo to normal operation,” – said the head of state.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said that the program of modernization of primary health care is postponed due to the spread of the coronavirus. But if all goes well epidemiologically, work will begin on 1 January.

after Hearing the speeches of physicians, Putin promised to instruct the Minister of defence for the construction of infectious hospital in Pskov and the new children’s hospital in Zabaykalsky Krai.

the Global experience of the epidemic has shown how important it is that national health care works as a system. In Russia such a system is, the President stated. Health he called a key priority and urged to go forward, based on the results in the fight against coronavirus experience. “It’s not only about our readiness to face any epidemics, but in General on improving the efficiency and reliability of the whole system of health,” he said.

First of all will seriously improve the state of primary care, strengthen the personnel structure, in order to increase the availability of modern diagnostics and provide a wide digitalization, the use of artificial intelligence technologies in work of medical institutions at all levels, Putin said.

on the eve of the Day of medical worker summed up the results of all-Russian competition of doctors. Winners in three with superfluous tens of nominations, all major medical specialties – called authoritative Commission under the chairmanship of Russian Minister of health of Michael Murashko. This year at the all-Russian contest of doctors enrolled 526 works from all regions. In the list of winners, nearly a hundred doctors from all over the country. Winners and laureates will receive the prize of 500 thousand rubles for first place, 300 thousand for the second and for the third – 200 thousand rubles.

Recall that the all-Russian competition of doctors held since 2011. The winners are selected in three stages. The first stage is carried out in medical organizations – the best of the best put forward at the General meeting of labor collective. In the second stage the selection of participants is conducted the competitive Commission in the regions.

Finally, at the final stage of the work assesses the Federal Commission, which includes leading specialists of health care, Ministry of health, Ministry of defense, MVD, FSB, the office of the President of Russia, Rospotrebnadzor, as well as representatives of professional communities.

Prepared by Irina Innocent