The danger of re spread of the coronavirus in the Veneto region (Venice) is still real, said Monday, July 27, the Governor of the region Luca Cordero Jaya.

At the moment, the region recorded 38 local outbreaks (half of them “imported”), “the virus has not gone,” vigilance and cancel precautions while earlier, the Governor said.

On 27 July, died in Italy 35 112 people with a confirmed diagnosis of “coronavirus pneumonia” for the last days this figure has increased by 5 (a day earlier — also at 5). Recovered 198 593 person, per day, this figure increased to 147 (a day earlier — on 126). The number of confirmed carriers grew by 170 (the day before — 255). Subject recovered and died the total number of carriers of the coronavirus during the whole period of the epidemic is 246 286. Currently 12 infected 583 people — 18 more than the previous day.

National quarantine in Italy lasted about two months, from March to may 2020. Projected billions of dollars in losses to the economy due to the lack of tourists and the decline in production and exports, for the year the GDP will decrease by 10 — 15%, experts say, the authorities believe that the decline will be 8-9%. Government projects to support the economy implies that the allocation of 75 billion euros (including credit funds) of these funds have already been allocated. From the EU funds, the Italian companies will be able to get about 170 billion euros, a large part of these funds — credit.

C 4 may 2020, some restrictions were relaxed, back at work 4 million people. Catering establishments have started to sell take-away food, was allowed a walk in the Park, visiting relatives and the use of public transport. From 18 may, almost all businesses and organizations were able to resume work, subject to the rules of sanitary safety. Communication between regions of the country was resumed on 3 June, the same day was opened the border. Some limitations continue to apply: in closed public places must wear a mask, as well as compliance with sanitary distance.