in Moscow, which first collided with the epidemic and in many other regions, a gradual decline in the number of detected new cases, stated Vladimir Putin. “While this positive trend is not so rapid as might be desired, sometimes even unstable, but it is still there,” he said. A week ago the growth rate was 5.9 percent today to 3.5. Moreover, against the background of a significant increase in test studies. In the period of the phased exit from the limitations of wide tests, strict adherence to health requirements it is imperative to consolidate the achievements in the fight against the epidemic, to prevent rollback. “These are all very important things, and they fully comply with the who recommendations,” added the President.

the health System with a good margin of reliability and durability. Out of 165 thousand patients use about 66 percent. But the reserve has to be in standby mode, the President said, instructing as soon as possible to restore and routine work with patients with other diseases. Putin also touched upon the issue of resumption of the training centres of national teams. There team is so isolated, but it is important that the discipline was at the proper level, he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova has confirmed that the country has passed in a mode of stabilization, growth of new cases are falling: in ten days – by 22.5 percent. But the situation remains fragile and we cannot ignore the rules of hygiene and social distancing. “Today, despite all the difficulties and gloom predictions that were given, we can safely say that the medical system has passed this test”, – Golikova said.

the Situation is stable and, one might even say controlled, praised the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Muscovites with a full understanding of fulfilling the requirements to limit, and thanks to them and the work of physicians, the situation was stabilized, he said. “We managed to avoid the worst-case scenario, what unfolded in a number of world cities”, – stated Sergey Sobyanin. The number of newly identified patients, despite testing has fallen by half. The opening of construction sites and industrial companies could cause a new round of infection. But this did not happen, said the mayor and announced the decision to open the MFC. It is planned to start to increase the volume of planned assistance: the city waives four Federal clinics who planned to transfer in the “govenye”.

But still the figures revealed patients and hospitalizations is still high, and the number of deaths from the coronavirus in may will be significantly higher than in April, because in April and early may was the peak of the incidence, said the mayor. It is therefore necessary to continue to comply with strict measures, requirements for the sanitary insulation, self-restraint, mask mode,��giving electronic passes and so on, he said. And to fulfill rigid requirements of the enterprise. “It will be a kind of guarantee that we don’t make it harder on yourself, but on the contrary, it will allow us to continue to reveal those or other sectors of the economy and stabilize the life of the metropolis,” – said the mayor.

“the Average peak increase COVID-19 for the week was recorded in the country 26 Mar, amounted to 24.1%. On 5 may it was 7.6 per cent, on may 13, 5.9 percent yesterday, as I said, 3.5%”, – said Putin gave the floor to the head of Rospotrebnadzor. “We were able to cut the peak of the epidemic,” said Anna Popova. The incidence of a day at the peak maximum numbers were one of the lowest in the world. And the prevalence (how many one person can infect people to its isolation) dropped significantly: March 28, was more than three, and from may 15 at 0.9. A month ago, nearly 60 percent of the patients came to the hospital. Today, about 20. A growing number of asymptomatic: in March, 15 percent today to 45. Coverage testing Russia is the undisputed leader conducted over 7.5 million tests. The situation is stable is defined as a steady plateau and a further reduction, concluded Popov. Minister of health Michael Murashko also noticed that the number of patients stabilized in a network of the order of 108-109 thousand persons and about 2,5 thousand in intensive care.

Speaking of the scholars said in unison and were positive: the disease is reduced. But the President warned: stepping out of your limitations, you need to think about the specialists that there may be another wave in late October – November.

the Chief Metropolitan 52nd hospital Maryana Lysenko noted a clear decrease in the number of hospitalizations and patients on a ventilator. Vladimir Putin conveyed words of the Minister of construction and housing Vladimir Yakushev, who was treated there and was delighted with the doctors: “You said, twice already had this virus, and still after recovery return.” And asked: “what do so it’s easy to get sick a second time?” Three thousand working in the “red zone” was ill 40, and admitted that he neglected the means kansascity, said Lysenko. “Repeated cases of infection have not been clearly neither among patients nor among our colleagues”, – she assured.

after all, the President asked the government to prepare recommendations for further actions to combat COVID-19. “And of course, the need of expert advice how to restore normal life in the country,” he concluded.